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5 Key Content Marketing Tactics for Promo Product Companies

Marketing today is harder than it has ever been. Yeah I said it! You are competing every second of every day for the attention of our target market. But I believe that if you are a Promotional Product, Branded Apparel, or Corporate Gifts company, CONTENT MARKETING should be the forefront of your marketing efforts. Let me explain.

One of the most prolific Marketers of today, Jay Baer, recently gave a speech where he relayed some research completed by the Forrester Research Group that state that consumers, in 2011, needed 10.4 sources of information up from 5.3 sources in 2010 before they would make a purchase. Can you even fathom how many sources of information we need now in 2014?

On that note, generating more content for your current customers and even more importantly your potential customers is the key to success in the promotional product industry, in my opinion. If you’re not creating some of that 10.4 sources of information to help educate and inform your customers about what it is you offer, they are going to get those sources somewhere else and it quite possibly will be one of your competitors.

Here is a list of the top 5 Key Content Marketing Tactics for Promotional Product Companies, that if followed will help generate better qualified and loyal customers because they will have already built the trust with you and your company. Grab your pen and paper my friends:

  1. Define your Audiences: Your content marketing objectives will determine who you are targeting with your content. Get to know these audiences, yes there can be more than one, and try every angle to deepen that knowledge daily.

  2. Use Social Media: Determine, as a company, which social media platforms best fit your objectives and audience. Social media is the perfect way to engage with audiences and if done correctly it has the power to show off your brand’s personality, create discussions and create “Top of Mind” awareness. A recent report shows that over 71% of Americans are active on social media.

  3. Create Shareable Visual Content: 40% of people respond better to visual images and information than to simple plain text. Pictures need to tell the audience the story. If so these kinds of visuals have a much higher chance of simulating your audience to acting on the promoting given. Simply put, Visual content drives engagement.

  4. Answer Every Question: Holiday World, an amusement park in Indiana, does this fantastically well. On their website they have gone to extreme lengths to answer every question. In the meantime they have generated page after page of content for their audience. If you want to know what kind of wood a certain rollercoaster is made out of, you can? If you want to know what it’s like to see a ride from a reverse angle you can? You want to know the menu of the day, you can look it up? The point is that when you want to go to Holiday World every possible question you might have will be answered. Great example.

  5. Blogging, it works: Blogging not only will increase you’re SEO efforts but it has a massive potential to give your brand and company authority in the industry. Find out what your customers want to read about and write about it. Create a platform where people can go to gain and understanding of your products and services, learn about you as a brand and gain trust.

These 5 keys to a content marketing strategy can be highly effective. These are not tips that work overnight, rather they take time to create, publish and market. Give these keys a try and watch your brand start to gain more and more attention in your market place.

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