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20 Things and Facts I’ve Learned about Promotional Products

In honor of #ThrowBackThursday I wanted to share a list of the 20 things and facts that I have learned about promotional products and the industry itself. I have been in this industry for some time now and I have found that this list has helped me and BrightPoint Creative discover what our target markets are wanting and also different ways we have been able to help them reach their business and or company goals.

Some of these items might seem rudimentary and obvious but I am hoping that this list helps you in some facet or another. Here we go:

  1. Americans Love Promotional Products and have for over 200 years

  2. Promotional Products have become a long-lasting and powerful advertisin​g and marketing tool

  3. More than 90% of Americans report having/owning a Promotional Product in the home

  4. Promotional Products can be a very cost effective marketing tool.

  5. Every event people attend, they expect to receive some kind of Promotional Product

  6. About 69% of people keep these products if they find them useful

  7. Every market or industry can use Promotional Products (I dare you to tell me one that can’t)

  8. People perceive custom Promotional Items to have added value and quality

  9. Around 48% of people would like to receive Promotional Products more often

  10. People hold onto these products for an average of 1-2 years

  11. Promotional Products resonate more with consumers due to their usefulness to the consumer

  12. 52% of people surveyed look at a wall calendar more of the time than at their desk calendars

  13. A higher percentage of people can recall the message and name of advertiser when given a Promotional Product, 76.2% to be exact

  14. Events, Trade Shows, Athletic Events, Social Gatherings and Organizations use these items the most

  15. 91% of consumers surveyed reported having at least one Promotional Product that they use in their Kitchen.

  16. Creating amazing marketing content around Promotional Products has a massive effect on decision makers in businesses and organizations.

  17. If people do not have a use for the item they are likely to give it to someone who does

  18. More and More women are investing, purchasing and collecting Promotional Products

  19. If targeted correctly, Promotional Products play a huge part in the buying decision of consumers

  20. Simply put, PEOPLE LOVE SWAG (aka Promotional Products)

This list of things I have learned in my time in this industry have helped our business not only discover insights but find success for our company and, more importantly, find success with our clients and their business and goals and objectives. This industry is ever changing and I, for one, like it that way.


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