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How A Used-Car Dealer Increased Sales by 3.5% With Promo Products

In the busy and fast-paced world we live in today, business and companies are always looking for any kind of advantage over their competition. In this Promotional Product Case Study we are focusing on a Used, (pre-owned), car dealership and what they did to increase sales by 3.5% over the life of one marketing campaign.

The challenge that was designed was to find a giveaway item or items for every person who test drove a new arrival at the Dealership. They advertised to their consumers that just by coming to the dealership and test driving a vehicle they would receive, for FREE, a promotional giveaway. It was called a “gift with test drive” and the desired outcome of this campaign was to ultimately increase the number of prospects that came to the physical location of the dealership and test drove a pre-owned vehicle.

The Promotional Product that this dealership chose to use was a Glove Box Utility Set. Inside this set you could find tools, safety equipment, hand warmers, flash light and a tightly folded space blanket for warmth. The dealer ordered these sets in bulk, had their company logo and messaging printed on every piece in the set for all drivers to remember where they acquired the glove box set. They used all forms of advertising for this promotion and campaign focusing on customer engagement through social media, television and even PPC advertising in the local market.

The results were fantastic and sudden. People responded to the advertising and engaged with the brand heavily on social media asking if it was “for real” that even if they did not purchase a car that they would still get the glove box set for free. Many cars were test drove that weekend and even more glove box sets were given away but in the end the dealership reported an increase in 3.5% overall directly from this campaign. Here are the highlights of using a promotional product as an incentive for consumers:

  • Create a campaign that directly correlates with your business goals and objectives

  • Design a custom promotional product to compliment your campaign to give to customers, remembering that 69% of consumers keep the promo item if it is useful to them.

  • Custom print your company logo and or messaging on the promotional item

  • Advertise on many platforms including social media and encourage engagement with your audience.

  • Use the promotional item to help you leave a lasting impression on your consumers.

Promotional Products have a very unique power behind them and if created to specifically compliment a marketing campaign or promotion, the results will be fantastic and highly noticeable.

Be sure to read how other brands just like you are using promotional products to help them achieve their company’s financial goals. Click on this Case Studies link to check them out

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