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5 Ways Promotopnal Products Help Any Social Media Campaign

Just about every person who has access to the internet is involved in some way or another on one of the numerous social media platforms. Brands from all industries are competing to gain attention on social media, but it is getting more difficult with every passing day. Brands are competing with family, friends and funny cat videos to appear on news feeds and walls of their target audiences. Before you launch or kick off your next social media campaign or advertisement, take a second and think about using promotional products to help you gain the attention you are seeking.

People are on social media to be entertained. I don’t know of anyone who has joined a social media platform that wasn’t looking for some kind of entertainment. Do you? People also love FREE STUFF. This is where promotional products and giveaways should garner your attention.

Incorporating promotional products into your social media campaigns has the power to inform people of your campaign, incentivize them to share or repost and in some instances “Like” or “Follow” your brand on social media. Here are five reasons how promotional products can help any social media campaign:

  • Promotional Products are budget friendly: If designed correctly, promotional products and branded apparel are very cost effective and can be ordered in large quantities.

  • Products can be simple: These promo products can be very simple to create. Examples include abranded t-shirt, a branded cinch bag or a custom gift basket. These items need to be tailored to fit your brand, product and campaign. That is the key.

  • Using Promotional Products to encourage sharing: The goal of any campaign on social media is to gain the attention of your current followers but also new or prospective followers. Use promotional products to encourage your current audience to “share” the campaign with their friends and followers. These items can help create a domino effect if created correctly.

  • Think Big with Promotional Products: People are used to seeing a gift card as a promotional giveaway. Why not think big? If you create a promotional product or bundle of products that speak directly to your target audience and aligns with your campaign goals and objectives, you will create a higher chance of this campaign getting shared, liked, retweeted, and tagged on social media. The higher the value the further the reach you can expect.

  • Post Pictures of fans using the Promotional Product: If the product is created in the right way it will generate buzz and help to increase the hype around your campaign. People who engage with your campaign need to see that you have made good on your giveaway. Ask the winners to post pictures of them using the promotional product after they have received. This will help everyone know that you are honest and give away what you say you will give away.

Promotional products and branded apparel have real power in the eye of the consumer. People want to be entertained and people love free stuff. Promotional products hit these points with a massive punch. Before you launch your next social media campaign, ask yourself what kinds of promotional products and or giveaways we can incorporate into this launch to hit our target audience harder.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks that I use on a frequent basis to help our social media campaigns. What do you and your brand do? Let me know in the comments below.

Check out some of the cool stuff that we are doing on our website and take a peek at thousands of promotional products, branded apparel, corporate and employee recognition award ideas.

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