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How Promo Products Can Become Your Marketing Plans’ Superhero

With it being the holiday season and budgets already being finalized, it might seem a little late to be writing about marketing plans for 2015. But trust me, what you will read in the next couple of paragraphs will hopefully help you create a superhero (strong and lean) style marketing plan in 2015.

Promotional products, if designed and engineered with your audience in mind, can become the heartbeat of any marketing plan. People love them, use them daily and then pass on the products to others. They have mass appeal to your audience and have a branding message or advertisement that cannot be turned off like a T.V. or radio ad. The question is why use promotional products. The answer is because they get the job done in a very cost efficient and targeted manner.

Consumers today are willing to take and use a promotional items from a brand and accept these products as advertising. Putting your logo on an item used to be what was considered the point of a promotional product, but times have changed. Brands all over the world are seeing and using promotional products as a direct and powerful way to CONNECT their brand with their fans, customers and prospects. That is the point of Promotional products, connecting with an audience.

These products can and will help you and your brand achieve top of mind awareness with your target audience. Here is a quick example. One local company we have worked with in Utah is called Beehive Distilling (Check them out.) They sell high end alcoholic beverages and are experiencing tremendous growth and success in the state of Utah (in Utah of all places.) Selling what they sell, they chose to have custom wine tote bags created to give to each of their customers who order their drinks to go. What a perfect, relevant and useful promotional product for this company.

Here are some awesome stats that show you how promotional products can lean out and strengthen your marketing plan in 2015:

  • 92% of consumers will take a promotional product if they find it useful

  • 55%-85%, about half of consumers did business with the brand before receiving a promotional product. After receiving a promo item 85% of same people did business again with brand.

  • On average 27% of people will keep a promotional product for 1-2 years after receiving it, again with a message that cannot be turned off.

  • 89% of consumers can recall the name of advertiser and message that was on the promotional product that they received.

  • Promotional products have a massive amount of appeal to consumers and help create brand loyalty with fans and customers.

Hopefully you can see hoe impactful promotional products can be with consumers. The cost to create these products is immensely cheaper than any other direct means of advertising. Putting something in the hands of your consumers is the most powerful way to build trust and loyalty.

Be sure to check out some of the cool stuff that we, BrightPoint Creative, are doing on our website and take a peek at thousands of promotional products, branded apparel, corporate and employee recognition award ideas.

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