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Promo Products; Marketing and Branding Through A New Lens

Marketing is hard. It is something that evolves every day and has been evolving since its very inception. In today’s world most small businesses and organizations are not looking into the traditional styles of marketing i.e. T.V., radio, newspapers and print. We, and I mean we, are striving to be noticed, discovered and remembered by our target audiences in various new forms of marketing.

We live on social media, thrive in guerrilla marketing and blog around the clock. This post is about seeing marketing and branding through a different lens; promotional products and branded apparel.

Promotional products and branded apparel have a unique power that the “traditional” marketing platforms do not have, they cannot be turned off. A branded t-shirt with an advertisement on it cannot be changed nor can it be ignored. The person wearing the shirt will see the brand every time they wear the shirt and so will all the people he comes in contact with. A branded drawstring backpack has the same effect and even more possibility to be seen by more people. Each of these can cost less than $1. Promotional products were created and distributed for one reason only, to create or facilitate a deep connection with customers and prospects.

The job of promotional products and branded apparel is to get people talking about the brand. Also, they allow the brand to talk directly with the audience in a creative and innovative way that is widely accepted, unlike T.V. ads or radio ads. Research has shown that if a promo product is useful and relevant to the audience, 69% generally keep the promotional product and 36% of those people will ultimately give that product to others if they have a need for it.

I believe that data should drive marketing. Here are some amazing data points to consider: (same link as above)

  • 83% of surveyed claim that they like receiving promotional products with and advertising message.

  • 66% of people recognize that these products are a form of advertising.

  • 4% of surveyed reported either owning or possessing a promotional product in the last 24 months.

  • 74% of surveyed reported having at least one promotional product in their workspace

  • 94% of surveyed could RECALL the promotional product and the advertisement associated with it.

With the endless marketing opportunities that social media provides, using promotional products and branded apparel to help gain the attention of your target audience is a homerun. Besides having the power to strengthen your brand awareness, these products create a deep connection and the perceived value of your marketing efforts and advertising rises.

Seeing marketing through the promotional product and branded apparel lenses can have a massive effect. It will show that your brand is real, tangible and creative. I hope the next time you are planning out any campaign you will think of using promotional products and or branded apparel to help spread the word about your products and services. C’mon, join the thousands of big and small brands around the world in using promotional products.

If you have any questions that you would like answered please let us know in the comments below. We,BrightPoint Creative, Utah’s leading promotional product and branded apparel company, are doing awesome things on our website. Take a peek at thousands of promotional products, branded apparel, corporate and employee recognition award ideas

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