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How To Make An Impactful Impression On Customers And Prospects

It is no secret that sales, marketing and branding tactics are numerous, not to mention, continually evolving in todays crowded marketplace. The pathways to reach a target market are greater today than in any other time period since marketing’s inception. What if I told you that there is one marketing/branding tactic that, if created with innovation, could yeild a 39% increase in potential business and would help your brand make a more impactful impression on your customers and prospects? Would you listen?

Let me list three examples to get things started; The Livestrong Foundation, Nike and Nintendo of America. Each one of these three globally recognized brands have used the one marketing/branding tactics to generate awareness, introduce new products and create powerful movements. Have you figured out what the tactic is? You guessed it, implement the use of Promotional Products into your overall marketing and branding strategy. Let’s break each one of these examples down.

Livestrong Foundation: In Livestrong Foundation the Livestrong wristband, a yellow silicone gel bracelet, program launched in May 2004 as a fund-raising item. The bracelet was developed by Nike and its advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy. The band became a popular fashion item in the United States and people from all walks of life started wearing the bracelet. This bracelet, a highly successful promotional product, helped launch a widespread awareness campaign for the foundation. To date, 80 million Livestrong bracelets have been sold, and have inspired several other charitable organizations to start their own bracelet selling programs. Do you agree that this promotional product was a success?

Nintendo Of America: Most recently Nintendo released its new gaming system called the Wii. The objectives of this promotional product was to assist Nintendo in the branding and marketing during the post-launch efforts of this gaming system. In developing this product Nintendo came up with a promotional keychain that mimicked the new hand-help remote for the gaming system. It has the same features of the actual remote. On the keychain was a flashlight with a blue light, similar to the blue LED light on the real remote. The strategy and execution of this promotional product needed to generate buzz, create a “gotta have it” mentality among the buyers, bloggers, writers and gaming enthusiasts. Nintendo used the most unique, niche, of the new gaming system, the hand-held remote that allows players from any location to interact wirelessly on the game screen. This promotional product quickly gained notoriety and became a hot topic for buyers. As a side note, this key chain garnered a significant interest among popular retail stores both online and offline.

NIKE: Nike is recognized worldwide. Its iconic swoosh took the world by storm when it was revealed. Nike uses promotional products in many different ways each time they launch a product or campaign. Do you remember the “Bo Knows” campaign? Branded Shirts, hats, shorts and shoes were created to generate the buzz on all levels. Wristbands, watches, headbands and more products like these accompany all aspects of Nike’s marketing campaigns. This brand is worldwide because Nike takes the time and creates promotional products and branded apparel that will connect with all target audiences across all spectrums of life. In the famous words of Nike, “Just Do It.”

These three examples show you how well bigger brands use promotional products and branded apparel to connect with and react out to their target audiences. These products, if created with innovation, do have the potential to create thousands of impressions with prospects, create word of mouth marketing and instantly initiate a higher sense of value for your brand and products. This one marketing/branding tactic is the way to make a more powerful impression on clients and prospect. Go ahead…Make the change and watch a deeper connection take off.

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