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The Fabric Of Advertising; Is The Branded Shirt And Polo

Most marketers spend a lot of time thinking of and planning massive campaigns and advertising messages. This is not a bad strategy at all. Those big ideas and big dreams are the kinds of campaigns that create a lasting impression on consumers and the marketplace. But what about the little branding and advertising opportunities that come to us? Doesn’t the saying go, “Walk before you run?” The gist of this post is about one simple but highly visible branding opportunity that has tremendous power for your brand. The Branded T-Shirt

In today’s crowded marketplace and media environment, sometimes the more simple we can be, the more direct efforts we can make, more times than not you will find success. The branded t-shirt has been around for many decades. Companies from all markets have used them as a piece of the marketing pie to reach consumers and connect with them on an intimate level. The fact is that every time you see a brand on a shirt, hat, hoodie, pair of jeans or shoes, you have just been marketed to-and many times over. These ads cannot be turned off, the channel cannot be changed and the message or brand spread to all eyes who see it.

Think about it for a second, how many different places did you visit yesterday? The gas station, the office, a business meeting, the grocery store, church (yesterday was Sunday), your friend’s house etc. That is a massive amount of impressions that are yours for the taking by simply creating branded apparel that is memorable and relevant. There are two main reasons, in my opinion, why creating branded apparel for your company and employees to wear will help build brand recognition in a fast manner.

Branded Apparel, of any kind, are:

  • Walking Advertisements– Why do companies spend hard earned resources on creating branded apparel? It is because they understand that people today pay attention to brands especially on clothing. It is simple but powerful to place an advertisement on a t-shirt that people from all markets will see. The person wearing the clothing becomes your marketing department and helps build brand/spread brand recognition. It is cheap. It is effective and creates a tribe (Thank you Seth Godin) of fans. These items are a small investment for effective branding effort.

  • Conversation Starters– Don’t get caught thinking that branded apparel simply means a company logo. Creativity is what will make or break a fantastic piece of branded apparel. By being creative you increase the likelihood that people will start talking about your brand. For example when I wear my favorite Florida Gator hoodie, people stop me all the time and tell me that they are from Florida and wonder if I am from there as well, (I am not, I am from Utah) By wearing that hoodie the Florida Gator brand grows from over 600 miles away. You don’t have to be a massive branding juggernaut to make this same magic happen. Being creative will spark that conversation and a simple t-shirt or hoodie does its job and markets to fans and consumers.

The simple point of this post is to take advantage of every marketing and branding opportunity you can. In fact every opportunity becomes a marketing opportunity if you are paying attention even a simple polo or t-shirt.

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