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3 Ways To Create Online Brand Connections With Promo Products

The Market Place in the last ten years has turned into a fast paced, crowded, super highway. Is your strategy for brand awareness keeping pace? It is crowded, and marketers from every industry are tirelessly searching for ways to achieve top of mind awareness with their target audience where ever they spend their time. I believe that creating meaningful connections in brand-to-consumer marketing will yield an increase in fan loyalty and will move the needle for any business or organization.

Promotional products have a powerful way of creating these connections with consumers. They are tangible products that work on all five senses ensuring solid brand-to-consumer connections. Online marketing is no exception, even though sometimes marketers think that because the message is on the screen their job is done. What if you could take that online message and visual and turn it into something that the consumer could hold, touch, see and even sometimes taste? That connection, mentioned above, amplifies and dramatically increases the potential that the consumer will do business with that company.

I have worked with multiple companies, ranging in size, that have seen massive success using promotional products in their online marketing campaigns. Here are 3 simple ways to create online brand-to-consumer connections with promotional products.

Reward Your Most Loyal Online Customers: In every business it is easy, if you’re collecting data, to identify your most loyal customers. They are the ones who respond to emails, use discount codes, enter contests on social media and consistently do business with your company. They are the one who deserve your love. Sending these customers a branded promotional product as a reward does two things; expresses gratitude and creates word of mouth marketing by your customers.

Give Promo Products For Entering A Contest: Not everybody gets to win the grand prize of contests but we would all like to win something. By offering a free branded promo product just for entering the contest is a creative way to acquire more entries and incentive entrants to share or re-post the contest. By making the product relevant and useful to the audience will again increase the likely hood of re-posts and shares.

Use Promotional Products To Assist In New Product Launches: In every new product launch campaign, using promotional products to help capture attention and spread awareness is a very cost effective route to create an instant connection with consumers. By giving them a tangible, useful, relevant and trending product that directly correlates with the new product is crucial. Promotional products can be the bridge from wavering consumers to consistent consumers.

The objective of this post is to illustrate how promotional products, branded apparel and incentive programs can massively increase fan engagement and develop meaningful connections with prospects, customers and clients even in the online world of marketing.

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