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Old School meets New School: Promotional Products in Social Media

It is no secret that promotional products have been used by brands of all sizes for decades now. In fact, during the election campaigning of George Washington, yes, George Washington, promotional pins were given out to help spread awareness of the eventual 1st American president. (Talk about Old School Marketing) Times now are different and with the dominating emergence of social media, marketers have had to adapt to the new school of marketing and connecting with target audiences.

Using promotional products to gain market attention is not a new practice even though to some brands it seems like it. New tools like social media are commanding marketers to spend resources and time creating campaigns to connect with customers. Using promotional products on social media is what I am calling a new school style of marketing. They are tangible products that have the potential to entice consumers to enter contests, buy products and services and “Like” or “Share” brands content. That is the power of using promotional products in all social media marketing campaigns.

Here are three strategies to help you maximize the reach and effect of using promo products in social media:


Building a following does not have to be a costly effort. People LOVE free stuff — any kinds of stuff (barring Yellow Page phone books). In fact, there are websites dedicated to finding and spreading links to free promo materials. Many brands will offer a small and affordable branded product for new followers, retweets, or likes (Ex: The next 100 users to like our shop page will receive a FREE USB drive). Keep track of followers across all your social media platforms with Hoot Suite.


If a brand has a sizable number of followers, there still may be a lack of activity. Promotional products could be the catalyst needed to get your platforms active! After all, what good is social media if your messages blend in with every other brand? Pose a question, activity, or task for your followers. Ex: Caption this photo! Our five favorite responses will receive a free coffee mug!


After garnering attention and activity from customers, pick out some that stand out and continuously contribute to conversations. Instead of giving these select individuals small tokens of appreciation, opt for giving higher gifts that deviate away from the norm; companies like BrightPoint Creative offer promotional products that range from stuffed animals to tailgating gear, allowing the kind of material you hand out to truly represent your interests and identity. To show a more personal side of your brand, attach a handwritten note or mention them in a post/tweet thanking them for their loyalty. By rewarding these users, this not only shows the value you place on these people, but also encourages others to grow your social media presence.

We, BrightPoint Creative, Utah’s leading promotional product and branded apparel company, are doing awesome things on our website. Take a peek at thousands of promotional products, branded apparel, corporate and employee recognition award ideas.

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