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Why Storytelling Matters In Promotional Product Marketing

In the promotional product industry, marketers are challenged with the unique task of creating content and marketing strategies for, literally, thousands of products. It is because of this challenge that storytelling is quickly becoming THE marketing tactic of choice for promotional product marketers. Whether these stories are intended to engage, educate, entertain or sell, storytelling is how great marketers convince the inattentive and info-laden consumer that this is something worth their time.

Promotional products, if created correctly, are the vehicle to drive customer connection and increase brand engagement. Storytelling as a marketing tactic is meant to do the same thing. Everyone is a storyteller. We tell stories to friends, siblings, spouses and even more on social media. Storytelling is a vital part of our everyday lives and it is how we connect people. Creating real and authentic stories surrounding the promotional products that you are marketing is, dare I say, the most crucial part of your content marketing plan.

Here are three ways that storytelling will help your brand invoke emotion and create a stronger, more authentic, customer connection:

Create a “Fundamental Story”

Effective storytelling cannot be fabricated. It must be authentic. Develop a “Fundamental Story” about what your brand does, the value and expertise you bring to the table and who your target audience is. This is a strategy to help you find stories that directly correlate with your brand. The promotional product world is very unique and as such, your storytelling needs to be just as unique. This Fundamental Story is the starting point to creating compelling stories that will resonate with your audiences.

Always Remain Customer-Specific

It is no secret that storytelling is most effective when the right story is told to the right audience. I remember a story that my grandfather told my cousins and I when we were on our annual camping trip. Needless to say none of us slept that night fearing that man with a machete was just around the corner. As a storyteller, one of the main keys is to connect with audiences, so these stories need to be centered on their needs, concerns, hopes and dreams. Ask yourself this question, “Will this story help resolve a question, create excitement and be interesting to my audience at this very point in time?” If so, go ahead and tell your story. Be customer-specific.

Look High And Low For Stories To Tell

There are always stories to be told and if you’re looking for them you will find them. Start collecting ideas about the promotional products, customers and even the competitors that you are currently working with. Be on the lookout for new and interesting topics for stories. Document these findings just like a reporter would do. Do not be afraid to tackle the challenges of creativity and commitment of being a storyteller. The fact is this, there are always stories to be told, so commit to being the one telling these stories.

Why then does storytelling matter in promotional product marketing? Answer, stories invoke emotion and connect with PEOPLE. Be a storyteller, you literally have thousands of products to tell stories about.

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