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Using Promo Products Increases Awareness; No Matter the Brand

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

It matters not the size of the business, the industry it is in or the target market, strengthening brand awareness is critical to the success of any organization. Without it brands run the risk of being lost in a crowded marketplace. Promotional products offer brands the ability to be innovative and create cost- effective products that generate constant exposure with consumers.

Brands spend inordinate amounts of their budgets creating marketing and advertising campaigns to increase awareness around their brand. In today’s marketing world, creative value for consumers is more widely accepted than the traditional forms of advertising. When a brand uses promotional products along side of the more formal tactics of branding, a positive perceived value is achieved for the brand. The products give the consumer something to hold onto, use and then pass on.

A research study done by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) revealed that 92% of people will keep a promotional product if they find it useful. What is even more impressive is that 83% of people surveyed claim to like receiving promo products with an advertising message. Brands that are creating promotional products that directly correlate with their business, products or services AND are useful or trendy in the eyes of the consumers are seeing a massive increase in brand awareness.

There are plenty of ways that brands can incorporate promotional products into their marketing and branding plans. It matters not the size of the brand or the number of customers you already have. What matters is finding ways to create meaningful connections with consumers. Here is a bullet point list of advantages to implementing promotional products into your company’s branding scheme:

  • Constant exposure

  • Cost-effective/innovative products

  • Customers appreciate useful promo products

  • A favorable brand image in the eyes of consumers

  • Encourage social engagements

  • Launch new products

  • Create customer loyalty

  • Create hype at events

  • Encourage sign ups or contest entries

  • Show gratitude towards customers

  • Employee recognition/appreciation

Whether a brand is in the start-up phase or celebrating their 25 year anniversary, promotional products can be developed to help increase brand awareness. Raising awareness does not end once a brand has hit a million “likes” on social media or when they make their first million dollars. Increasing brand awareness is an ongoing strategy. Connect with consumers. Provide value for consumers. Both of these tactics can easily be achieved by developing creative promotional products that consumers and loyal customers need and want.

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