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Promotional Product Case Study: Pharmaceutical Sales Reps

It doesn’t matter the industry or the target audience, marketers are trying to achieve one thing with consumers, top of mind awareness. There are many different tactics, strategies and methods to achieve this with consumers but more often times these strategies can cost mega dollars. This post is a simple promotional product case study of pharmaceutical sales reps and their desire to help the marketing team achieve top of mind awareness with prospects and ultimately increase sales numbers.

The objective was simple for these sales reps, help increase the promotion and awareness for company and internal marketing objectives. Sales reps wanted to be more involved in the execution of the marketing awareness campaign. The teams needed to create a plan involving a promotional product that could be left as a “leave behind” for each of the sales reps during initial meeting and or follow up meetings.

After considering options it was decided by both the sales and marketing teams that a promotional pen, with an ergonomic shape, would be branded with a targeted message and the name of each sales representative. These pens were imprinted and shipped to each individual sales rep to be used in the given amount of time that both teams had set to be measured.

The outcome of this campaign were overall positive. The sales representatives recorded and reported that recipients responded well to the promotional pen. It was determined that the positivity was a direct result of developing a promotional product that highlighted a specific and unique shape. These pens were a perfect match for the recipients in large part that were doctors. The ergonomic shape yielded many benefits for physicians and health practitioners. These pens created a strong impression on the intended audience and increased the recognition for the company and each individual sales rep.

Creating an innovative promotional product that will provide value and is useful to the recipient will massively increase the total impressions the promo product will have. If the product is designed correctly, the brand giving these out will immediately create a connection with the consumer. That is the point of promotional products, create a connection and invoke action.


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