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Promotional Product Case Study: Nintendo of America

Most people in America at one time or another have sat down and played some type of video game console and in today’s world it is happening at an alarming rate. One of the most used video gaming consoles isNintendo. Most recently Nintendo released its new gaming system called the Wii. Here is a case study of how Nintendo of America used promotional products to help brand and market this gaming system.

The objectives of this promotional product was to assist Nintendo in the branding and marketing during the post-launch efforts of this gaming system. In developing this product Nintendo came up with a promotional keychain that mimicked the new hand-help remote for the gaming system. It has the same features of the actual remote. On the keychain was a flashlight with a blue light, similar to the blue LED light on the real remote.

The strategy and execution of this promotional product needed to generate buzz, create a “gotta have it” mentality among the buyers, bloggers, writers and gaming enthusiasts. Nintendo used the most unique, niche, of the new gaming system, the hand-held remote that allows players from any location to interact wirelessly on the game screen. This promotional product quickly gained notoriety and became a hot topic for buyers. As a side note, this keychain garnered a significant interest among popular retail stores both online and offline.

The results from this promotional product were definite and quick. There was an immediate spike subscriptions to Nintendo Power Magazine. Latest research shows that over 130,000 Wii Lighted Remote Keychains have been shipped and more and more purchase orders for the product have been placed.

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