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How Companies Are Using Branded Products For The Mobile Workforce

There is one question that every manager, supervisor and executive want answered, did the job get done? The answer, hopefully is yes but another question is also finding its way to the surface, where do your employees get the job done? Due to the consistent advances and changes in technology, today’s workforce is becoming more mobile and completing jobs anywhere and anytime- in and out of the office. This article is to show how companies are using branded products to keep the “Mobile Workforce” engaged.

It doesn’t matter the industry or the size of the company, employees, especially millennials, are finding ways to use technology to get things done faster and on the move. They are working from home or sitting at café’s using mobile phones, laptops and tablets to get things done out of the office and keep progress moving. Employers are becoming reliant on this mobile workforce and are seeing the benefit that these employees are bringing to their respective companies.

Again, a question is being asked by employers, how do we help this mobile workforce feel connected to the company without being in the office on a day in day out basis? One answer is simple yet effective. Design and create branded products to help them accomplish all tasks given them. Branded products offer a unique sense of comradery with employees. Some of these products could include:

  • Backpacks or messenger bags

  • Travel mugs

  • Apparel to wear for all occasions

  • Power bank Phone and Tablet chargers

  • Tablet or Laptop covers

  • Headphones

  • Pens or a padfolio

There are other ways to help them feel connected when out of the office. Keep them in mind. Check in often with a consistent schedule of communication. Helping them feel and stay connected does not require massive amounts of effort or dollars.

The last thing creating these branded products do for the mobile workforce of your company is truly show appreciation. Recognition is a powerful thing. Giving these employees the proper tools to accomplish work related tasks is critical, but giving them these tools with the company brand on them goes even deeper. Keeping your brand on the products they are using will help them stay focused and driven to achieve success and surpass goals.

Imagine giving your team a home jersey but not an away jersey.

It just doesn’t seem right! Branded products offer your employees the opportunity to take part in strengthening and promoting brand awareness and maintaining a professional image for your brand.

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