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4 Benefits Of Incorporating Promo Products Into Marketing Strategies

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Marketers today face an unbelievably crowded and distracted marketplace. On social media alone, they are up against the likes of friends, family, other businesses and, the worst of all, cute cat videos. The challenge is to find creative and innovative strategies to make real connections with consumers that aren’t a simple banner ad or “click here” ad.

One of the simplest yet effective answers to this conundrum is to incorporate promotional products into your marketing strategy. Promotional products have played a major role for businesses both large and small in creating a fantastic experience for consumers. Research has shown that 83% of surveyed consumers like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message on it.

There are four critical benefits of incorporating promotional products into your marketing strategy that your brand will experience:

  1. Longer Lasting Promotion Period. 89% of consumers surveyed could recall the name of the advertiser on a promotional product they received in the last 24 months. The advertising space on a promotional product cannot be turned off like a T.V. or radio ad. The number of impressions that one single promotional product has is greater than a single “traditional” advertisement.

  2. An increase in Affordable customer touches. Promotional products are extremely affordable and have a massive reach. Getting in front of the customer is half the battle but the other half is getting them to remember your message, brand and offer. Promotional products instantly hit on these three points, at an affordable price. They also create an increase in perceived value in the mind of the consumer.

  3. If useable, the higher the impression count. Promotional products need to be developed with the end user in mind. They must directly correlate with your brand, products and or services. 92% of consumers will keep a promotional product if it is useful and relevant TO THEM. The more useful, for them, the more relevant, for your brand, you can expect an increase in total impressions. Again, the message on these products cannot be turned off.

  4. Promotional Products capture all five senses. This is the most powerful one benefit of them all. Touching on one or more of the five senses is a must with promotional products. If the consumer feel it, touch it, smell it, hear it and yes, even taste it, the deeper the ad message or your brand will become in the mid of the consumer. Check out Chris Piper has a great video on 5 sense marketing,

There you have it, four critical benefits of incorporating promotional products into your marketing strategy. Consumers today do not like being interrupted into buying products, rather they like to discover products and tell their friends about them. Remember people love free stuff and innovative, useful and relevant promotional products are helping marketers achieve top-of-mind awareness with consumers, which besides adding value to the lives of your audience, is their goal.

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