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6 Work Hacks To Sharpen Focus And Prevent Distractions

One of the most critical factors in finding success during your professional career is your aptitude to sharpen focus and prevent distractions. Accomplishing tasks that help to further move forward your business or company is paramount, and avoiding distractions and harnessing focus is key to getting these things done.

We have assembled 6 “Work Hacks” that will help to sharpen your focus and prevent distractions during the hustle and grind of the work week. These work hacks require actions and time to see results, so don’t give up on them after one try. Here we go:

  1. Make preparation a priority. Daily planning does not require a lot of time. Spend 10 minutes before starting your day to plan out each task that needs completed. As the saying goes, “Every 10 minutes spent planning saves an hour in execution.” Think about that….(Focus)

  2. Identify causes of distractions. Honestly evaluate the reasons you are getting distracted both internally and externally. Is it your cell phone, social media, lack of things to do at work or any other reasons? Identify them and plan out steps to avoid these distractions all together. (Distractions)

  3. Treat yourself to a break. Taking some time, not a lot, has been proven to help people stay focused. Take the time to clear your head and any stress you might be feeling. Come back and reassess and refocus yourself on the task at hand. (Focus)

  4. A clean workspace= less distractions. Take a look around your workspace. What does it look like? Are the papers and files spread out all over the place? Do you have 1000 sticky notes on your monitor? If your desk and workspace is disorganized or cluttered it would be wise to invest a little time in cleaning it off. (Distractions)

  5. Create your OWN deadline. Getting things done should be just that, getting things done. Creating your own personal deadlines for you to meet is an excellent way to stay focused. The most critical part of this is to hold yourself accountable to these deadlines. Once the deadline has come and gone, stop. It is easier to stay focused when there is a light at the end of the tunnel. (Focus)

  6. Get offline. It is a well-known fact that some of the biggest types of distractions come by way of unofficial emails, social media and cell phones. All of these things can massively derail focus. Do yourself a favor and get offline until your tasks are complete. Then reward yourself with a little Facebook time or post that selfie you’ve been dying to show the world. (Distractions)

The distractions are always going to be there and keeping focused will always be a struggle. The question then becomes, how badly do you want to accomplish the tasks and demands that will move your business or company forward? Learning to overcome these distractions and stay focused is not easy, but it is possible.


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