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3 Important Hacks To Lessen Business Travel Stress

Recently I was in a conversations with a client who travels at least three times a month for business. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I asked him a couple of questions about the grueling schedule and stress that comes with all the travel. When we finished up our conversation I realized that he gave me three points or “hacks” to lessen the stress that comes with traveling for business.

These three hacks can be used for common travel but I found them to be very critical for the professional/business traveler. Here they are:

  • Create a routine and stick to it. If you are well-seasoned traveler you probably understand the value of creating a routine and not deviating from it. Travel is full of the unexpected. By creating a routine it will help your stress levels stay down. If you like to arrive at your gate 2 hours early, your routine should make that possible. If you like to pack three days or two days before, make it happen. This routine should be yours and yours alone.

  • Be fully charged or have a backup plan. It is not uncommon, as a business traveler, to be doing work form your phone or tablet during your trip. It is critical to keeping stress levels down that you go to the airport fully charged. If you know that your trip will be longer than your battery life, go prepared with ways to charge your tech items. This may mean a power cord, extra batteries or the more popularpower banks. It is a safe bet to say that if you lose your battery charge your business trip will be full of stress and not completing the work you were sent to do.

  • Find ways to make the “Business” Trip enjoyable. For most people traveling is based around doing something fun and relaxing. This is not the case with most business travel. You are there with a specific purpose. Most business travelers forget to take some time, even a small amount, and plan to do something enjoyable. This doesn’t have to be a long way out of the way or some extravagant plan. It can be as simple as visiting one tourist attraction or eating at famous restaurant in that city. If you don’t find enjoyable things to do on your business trips, they will quickly become something you do not want to be a part of.

These three important hacks to lessen business travel stress are only ideas. I would suggest finding or creating “hacks” of your own to lessen the stress during your trip. If you have any others that you find useful for you, let me know in the comments below.

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