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3 Strategies To Help Create Buzz For Your Brand

Think to yourself the last time one of your favorite brands did something remarkable (remarkable meaning worth making a remark about something.) Was it a crazy viral video, funny commercial or even an act of charity that your brand was part of? With today’s marketplace being the most crowded in advertising and marketing’s history, all brands are constantly looking for ways or, even better, strategies to help create any kind of buzz surrounding their brand. What is your brand doing?

The Color Run is an event that takes place all over the country and has a loyal fan base because of the excitement and buzz surrounding the event. Each event is shared on top social media platforms by each participant which creates an instant buzz for not only for people at the event but all the outside eyes on the brand. This is the definition of a “remarkable” event.

Recently a video went viral on YouTube titled The Lion King & Aladdin Broadway Casts Airport Sing-Off. These two casts were stuck in an airport facing long delays for their flights. These two cats took this unfortunate circumstance and created something remarkable. They started going head-to-head in a sing-off. People pulled out their phones and starting filming this event. It was so remarkable that in total this video has been seen over 1,000,000 times on YouTube. Here it is, take a look:

What a great way to promote brand awareness and create a memorable buzz for both of these two casts. They did what they do best, they sang. Now I don’t think they thought to themselves, “Hey this will get a million views on YouTube and Help sell out our upcoming shows.” It was genuine, unscripted and real. That is why the view count on YouTube and other media channels continue to climb. Here are three strategies to help create buzz for your brand that people will respond to:

  • Your brand has strengths, use them. Your office is filled with talented people. Do not be afraid to discover their strengths and use those to build your brand. Look at the value your brand can add to your consumers’ lives. Develop strategies to bring that value to life. Be creative with your strengths and above all else use your brands strengths to help, not always sell.

  • Discover ways to add VALUE in moments of need. In the case of the lion king video, these two casts did just that. People in that airport were mad, bored and frustrated. Ask yourself, how can our brand add value right now? What do your consumers need right now and how can your brand help? By helping people you instantly create a buzz for your brand. One example is IKEA. Every year in Montreal July 1stis known as moving day. So Ikea took advantage of this and set out thousands of free branded moving boxes with suggestions on how they could be used as temporary furniture. They added value to millions of people all while creating a buzz around their brand.

  • Do Something out of the Ordinary. One of the best examples I can think of was done a company who sells toilet spray, Poo-Pourri. They took something that is kind of weird, talking about the smell of poop, (especially by a woman) and turned it into a fantastic, funny and remarkable commercial for their brand. Do not be afraid to take risks with your brand by thinking outside the box. People love creativity and things they have never seen.

Using these three strategies to help create a buzz for your brand will increase two things; first being the perception of your brand in the eyes of consumers; second being the connection your brand will create with consumers. These are only three strategies, what other tactics does your brand attempt to create a buzz? Let us know in the comments below.

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