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Your To-Do List For Using Promotional Products

As a marketing professional, have ever asked yourself, “How can we effectively use promotional products in our marketing and branding efforts?” Just like in any other marketing strategy, a solid, well thought out plan must be put into place for maximizing the use promotional products. To make your task a little easier, here is your to-to list for using promotional products.

Think of this as a check list if you will. By asking these questions, developing a strategy for each part and fully understanding your target audience, your use of promotional products will have a massively positive effect with consumers. Here is the list:

Identify your specific goals/objectives. If you can clearly define, measure and answer the following questions you will know that using promotional products and branded apparel will have an impact on your business. What kind of response and you looking for? What do you want to accomplish? What products will I use to generate the greatest ROI? What is my overall budget?

Acquire the expertise and help of a qualified and experienced promotional company. The question here has to be, “Why should I use a promotional consultant?” Here are just a few reasons….Vast product resources, experience in multiple industries, save you money, help to identify products that match your target audience, know latest trends and technologies and already have the contacts and process to get you the products you want to use for your campaigns. Basically, they can save you the stress and the headaches.

Define your target audience? Research has shown that 92% of people will keep a promotional product longer if it is created to be relevant and useful. Knowing who your target audience is and designing products specifically for them will yield the best results. This isn’t news in marketing but using promotional products is the vehicle to drive awareness and make people act. (Ultimately Drive Sales) Define your audience, it’s plain and simple.

Develop a measurable purpose of your Promotional Product Campaign? What is the goal of your campaign? The last thing you want to do is buy products just because it’s convenient and you have the money to burn. Instead, establish what would be the best strategic approach to your campaign. How can these products connect with your customers? Is there an event coming up? A holiday? The more passion that’s behind your campaign the better it will go because it will be well researched and executed to perfection. The connection with your customers will be deeper and will have a stronger penetration level with these promotional product campaigns.

Are the promotional products consistent with YOUR brand? Your brand is what represents your business and it is what will bring the customers to your company instead of the competition. You want all your products to carry the same consistency with the brand to keep your promotional message clear. You can keep your brand image consistent by using the same fonts, images and colors. When you keep your image clear and consistent then it becomes more recognized and remembered by targeted clients.

Each one of these categories has subcategories within them, however these items should help you get started on seeing a real powerful impact and connection with consumers. What is the purpose of promotional products? Answer, the purpose of promo products is to create LASTING Impressions.

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