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5 Ways To Market Your B2B For Less Than $100

Today’s marketplace is crowded in many ways, but wide open in many others. Small B2B’s are finding creative and innovative ways to market their products and services that weren’t around 10 years ago. Marketing is no longer a business tactic that can be ignored if you want your business to, not only survive, but thrive. In this post we show five ways to market your B2B for less than $100.

With the advent of social media and online marketing strategies, small businesses and B2B’s still need to compete and challenge the “big guys” in their respective industries; and when budgets are taken into consideration, this certainly becomes a challenge. On this note here are five ways that B2B’s can market their products and services for less than $100.

  • Build a user-friendly/modern website: A highly effective and attractive website does not only contain important information about your business and products, it gives the viewer a deep insight on what you company is and the culture that you profess. Building these types of sites is not a difficult and expensive adventure now with sites like, (my personal favorite) or These sites offer plenty of free website templates and even killer hosting services as well. Keep in mind that your payment for these sites will only be around $8-15 per month.

  • Use Email Marketing to nurture leads: Most small B2B businesses run under the impression that email marketing is a way to offer customers deals or make sales. While this can be true, it is not the “be all end all.” The word we chose to use for this tactic is NURTURE, not sell. Email marketing offers your business a chance to show your leads, clients and prospects who and what your business is all about. If you are spamming your email list at the end of the month to hit sales goals or quotas, stop it. Your clients will feel that this is your goal. The goal of email marketing is to help add value to your clients and prospects and not just sell to them. Check out these email marketing platforms that are under $100 a month.

  • Create an active presence on social media: The point of social media for businesses is not to be good at social media, the point is to be good at business because of social media. Users want and crave easy access to the brands they choose to “follow” and “like.” Social media offers businesses the chance to become experts and trusted sources in their respective industries. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to respond to customer service requests or add value to conversations that your consumers are engaged in. ​ As you know Facebook and Twitter offer plenty of paid advertising platforms that are well under $100. They are effective and highly useful to grow brand awareness and ultimately make sales.

  • Become a guest blogger type of B2B: Every industry has well known blogs, review sites and other platforms where the mass population go to find answers or join in on conversations. This is where your audience lives and this is where your brand needs to be. By creating content that is valuable, not in terms of dollars, but in terms of helping add value to your consumers’ daily lives, your chances of getting picked up or becoming a guest blogger will increase.

  • Create/Develop visual content: Images and videos on social media and on the web are bigger than ever when it comes to engagements and reach. For B2B companies it is no different. It is a must to create these two types of content. Try Dollar Photo Club or Canva for images that only cost $1 per image. Viewers and businesses alike trust and recommend sites with great images.

These are just five easy ways that B2B’s can market and market effectively for less than $100. What are some of the other effective strategies that you have found that don’t break the budget? Let us know in the comments below.


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