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How Using Samples Creates Instant Value

About a week ago one of our sales professionals was at a meeting with a prospective client in our local market. They expressed a high interest in using promotional products help increase their brand awareness and reach a targeted audience. Before the meeting, our team had a brainstorming session where it was determined that in order to stand out we needed to have custom designed samples in order to create instant value in the mind of our prospect. It paid off and we won the trust and business of that client.

This example got me thinking about the power of using samples to create instant value with clients and prospects. As much as I want to say that we earned this business because of our sales pitch, I can’t, because what helped us earn this clients trust was the fact that we took the time to invest in custom, branded samples for them to touch, see and smell. These samples helped us create an instant connection and value in the mind of the prospect.

There are some determining factors and points of direction that need to be addressed before creating and using sample in your sales presentation. Here are four points and questions to answer in order to use samples to create instant value for your prospects:

  • Why are you creating samples? As an organization it must be determined WHY you are thinking about creating custom samples. Is it simply for show or is there a thought out plan behind each sample? Do you have ways outlined that this sample can create new business opportunities other than simply showing new clients? Figure out the WHY before moving forward.

  • Define the clients’ needs. Just like any other marketing or sales strategy, you must define the clients’ needs and what they are really after. By discovering what the client is after, creating custom samples becomes much easier. Are they thinking about a certain event to use these products at? Are they looking to improve employee morale? Or are they simply looking to have a tangible marketing piece? All of these factors are critical in determining what kinds of custom, branded samples you need to create to instantly add value to your prospect.

  • Find the perfect product. Every client has different needs and different objectives they are trying hit. Finding the perfect product takes time and effort. Do not shy away from this. By finding the perfect product to show your client will do two things; first it will instantly prove that you are an asset to your client, and second the chances of your client putting the product out to bid will decrease.

  • Be confident when presenting the sample. When you have invested the time and effort to answer the questions above and you have found the perfect product, presenting the sample should be the dessert you’ve been waiting for. When you are in front of your client, strut your stuff. Be confident that your samples will help you close the deal. If you know their needs and what their goals and objectives are going into the presentation, creating the perfect sample does not require a massive amount of brain power.

Custom, branded samples are a fantastic weapon to have in your corner. They are powerful and if created with innovation and with solving problems in mind, they will become a “must-have” for every presentation in the future. Find the product, customize it and present it. Feel the power for yourself.


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