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Promo Product Case Study: A Simple USB Memory Pen

When thinking about using promotional products, the question is often asked, “how do other brands use promotional products successfully?” Many people think that these products are only used as giveaways at events or tradeshows. If created with innovation and the consumer in mind, promotional products are highly effective branding and marketing tools. This promo product case study will highlight the power of a simple USB Memory Pen used to generate interest and awareness in the AMA (American Marketing Association.)

Objective: To generate interest in the American Marketing Association and to increase membership by reflecting a high degree of industry expertise and credibility.

Strategy & Execution: Using a marketing program to connect with savvy, senior-level marketing professionals is a daunting task. This is an audience not easily won over by average campaigns or unoriginal ideas. Still, the AMA rose to the challenge, opting to keep it traditional by designing a pen, but adding a modern twist to this classic promotional item. Presented at the 2006 “M.planet” industry conference, the handsome, vivid orange pen doubled as a USB flash drive. The drive came pre-loaded with all conference materials: PowerPoint presentations, articles, speaker support, literature and seminar materials. The large capacity of the drives still allowed for plenty of personal storage space. One end of the pen could also be used as a stylus for PDAs, making this “old school” item a thoroughly modern device for the electronic age. Of course, presentation is everything, and the AMA made sure the pen was delivered in a dramatic, black and silver alloy case…totally cool and stylish.

Results: The pens were an immediate hit, but when conference attendees realized they’d be taking home all of the conference materials and presentations on the pen’s flash drive, the buzz surrounding the pens spread even more quickly. AMA continues to get calls from marketing professionals asking about the pen.

As you can see a simple but powerful promotional product was created targeting a highly specific audience. The research was done ahead at who the audience was and what their needs and interests are. Promotional products are most effective when three planned steps take place. First is mapping out all goals and objectives for using the promotional product. Second is defining who the target audience is and more specifically what their needs are and how these promo products can add value to their daily lives. Third is using creativity and innovation to design the perfect promo product to meet goals and objectives (trust me you can design or find the perfect product.)

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