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7 Ideas For Sharing Stories On Social Media

Most companies have thrown their hat into the social media arena and are trying to communicate with their audience on a daily basis. If you have looked into any research on social media sharing it will tell you that the most engaged posts are the ones with awesome visuals and those that tell a stories that are worth sharing. Think about the posts you have liked or shared in the past week. I will bet that these two traits are the reasons why you did so.

The call for more visuals in all social media has been made clear and the brands that are seeing massive results are doing this well. Think about why we all go on to social media. It is to be entertained, connect with friends and attain information. Storytelling is rapidly becoming the new, let’s call it, icebreaker for brands and their audiences. Sharing stories lets your audience feel like your brand is a person and not a company. It helps them gage right off the bat if you are helping them in some way or fashion. Sharing Stories is an absolute must if you want to have the kind of engagement that will bring your fans back again and again. If you are feeling stuck or in a rut, here are 7 ideas for sharing stories on social media:

  • Behind the scenes pictures and stories: A popular “YouTuber” right now is Stuart Edge. He releases weekly videos with fantastic content. But he also has a Behind the Scenes channel that generates about as much engagement as his actual video channel. He shares all his stuff on social channels and sees massive engagement. Why do you think on every DVD you buy there is a behind the scenes menu? Just Saying!

  • Products or Services in Action: This storytelling option lets your fans see your products or services in real life or in action. It goes a long way for fans to see real people using your products in a picture or video.

  • Before and After Shots: This side by side visual is very powerful. It shows what you have done and the effort that you have put in to finish a project. Home Builders are fantastic at this and so are health oriented business and organizations.

  • Real-time updates from events: If you’re an advocacy organization, going to community events, rallies etc., sending out live tweets or posting pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is a very powerful way to inform your fans about what you’re doing and how they can find you.

  • Using Real People’s Stories: On this blog that you are reading all of the stories about using promotional products are real. You can tell a real story from a made-up story and it is not hard to do so. People want to share their stories. Ask them. Testimonials work because people trust people and not always do they trust companies or organizations.

  • Staff Celebrations or events: Posting pictures of your staff out at public events interacting with people is awesome. It not only shows that you’re out in the public but that you are out having fun. People want to have fun right? Also tweeting about employee awards and recognitions is a great way to show your fans that you are real people.

  • Memes: Let me bring one picture up and I want you to think about how fast this meme went viral? Grumpy Cat! Meme’s are a fun opportunity to show your fans your brands creative side. Try it.

These are just 7 storytelling ideas that we came up with that have real potential for massive engagement. Let us know if you agree or if you have other awesome ideas for sharing stories on social media in the comments below.

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