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3 Tips For Better Promo Product Email Marketing

If you are a marketing professional in the ASI industry, actually any industry, then you know the challenges that come along with promotional products email marketing. More often than not, promo product email marketing is looked at as too “salesy,” too “pushy,” “Interruptive,” or simply not well designed. The question then becomes; how can promotional product distributors create and execute successful email marketing campaigns that drive results and revenue? Below we offer three tips for better promo product email marketing.

Most of the time the obstacles we face are databases full of diverse clientele (banks to construction to wineries), we choose from thousands of promo products and our messaging is difficult to craft for such a varying target audience. These are just a sampling of the challenges that are tackled daily. Here are three tips to make better and ensure that your email marketing efforts yield measurable results.

  • Define a purpose driven strategy: Promo product email marketing has the potential to achieve many things other than sales. By defining and creating a purpose driven strategy behind your emails the more chance you have to become an asset for your clients. Emails that go out should not all be about a discount code or percent off coupon. Yes, these types of emails serve a purpose but overall if this is your only strategy, your emails will become an interruption to people and they will hit the “unsubscribe” button. Email helpful articles, showcase projects you are working on, highlight industry case studies and, on occasion, send out something funny. Define your reasoning for sending out emails before your next email goes live.

  • First impressions are everything: There are four things that will help your email to, not only get opened, but achieve brand-to-consumer engagement and each point is critical to this success. First is the subject line. Words like free, percent off and help immediately put up red flags in the consumers’ minds. They know it is a sales pitch. Write enticing and intriguing subject lines. Second is the pre-header. The first line under the subject line is very important. It offers the consumer a quick glance at the email without opening it. This is where most people make the decision to open it or simply delete it. Third is often overlooked. Get personal from the beginning of the email. If it says Dear sir or madam you can all but guarantee the consumer deletes the email. Fourth, create a fantastic design and presentation for the email. From layout to image size, all points on the email need to be pleasing to the eye.

  • Create a “Clever” Call To Action: Everyone is used to seeing calls to action that read, “Click Here,” “Buy Now,” “Subscribe,” and “Check it out.” By creating clever calls to action that directly correlate to the content in the email, you are doing two things; first reminding the consumer of the content you just shared, and second you are showing that you brand is different than the norm, creative and innovative. Calls to Action are critical for measuring the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Look at this example:

These three tips for better promo product email marketing will help build stronger brand-to-consumer relationships. Your consumers will come to see your emails as a resource for innovative product ideas and helpful advice that adds value to their daily lives.

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