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A Promotional Teddy Bear And A Car Accident

When parents get behind the wheel of their vehicle, their top priority is the safety of their precious cargo, their children. No matter how defensive of a driver they are or how well planned the route, car accidents are a part of everyday life. Experiencing a car accident for children is scary, confusing and traumatic. This post shows the power a simple Promo Teddy Bear is having on these children at the scenes of the accident.

When accidents happen, they are sudden and unexpected. Parents can feel helpless and not know what to say or how to comfort their children. For this reason he Utah Highway Patrol and the UDOT Incident Management Team (IMT) have teamed up to help get donations from citizens and businesses of Promo Teddy Bears. Yes I said Promo Teddy Bears.

According their blog, “The teddy bear is part of a new program focused on helping those with young children cope in the face of accidents. IMT drivers are now carrying teddy bears to give away to those affected by a crash, especially since it can be a frightening experience for young children.

The article continued to say, “The Utah Highway Patrol started handing out teddy bears to young children that had been involved in an accident. It seemed to help the child take his or her mind off the accident and get them something to comfort them,” UDOT state IMT manager Jeff Reynolds said. “The Incident Management Team has adopted the same program, due to limited space in police cruisers. In its short time, we have seen a meaningful impact on those we have been able to help.”

What a great program! Businesses and organizations could learn a lot from the example of the Utah Highway Patrol and UDOT about recognizing a need and putting together a plan of action to solve that need. Most of the times businesses are highly focused on what products and services they currently offer, which is not a bad thing, but sometimes miss the unseen opportunities to create new products for consumers to solve their needs. New York Times best-selling author and marketing expert Seth Godin has said, “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

This promo teddy bears program was designed to help panicked and scared children car accident scenes. These teddy bears immediately add value to child’s life and helps them shift focus off of the accident onto happier things. Promo products accomplish the same things for your consumers. If created and designed correctly, promo products can instantly add value to the consumers’ everyday life and help them to remember the experience of engaging with your brand in a positive light.

People do not want to be interrupted by ads and commercials anymore. Modern marketing is about creating value and solving the needs of consumers. Promotional products and branded merchandise start solidifying the brand-to-consumer relationship from the beginning. Remember the promo teddy bear example and the impact a simple promo product is having on the lives of children involved in car accidents. They might remember the accident but because of the promo teddy bear the experience might just be viewed in a positive light. That’s the impact of promotional products!

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