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3 Questions Customers Want You To Answer About Promo Products

As a company or organization, your primary goal is to know your customers in such a manner that you could almost anticipate their needs and surpass their expectations. Each customer has unique questions and opinions that directly correlate to their specific industries. The promotional product or advertising specialties industry, there are three questions that your customers want you to answer before they will invest in these products.

As a promotional product marketer or sales professional, it is critical to understand how to answer these three questions. By answering these three questions effectively you will instill a sense of trust and minimalize the perceived risk of using promotional products to increase brand awareness among targeted consumers.

[if !supportLists]- [endif]What Promo Products do your Client’s Consumers Care About? Understanding that your client’s customer has pressing issues, problems and desires is important. Each person in their database has a specific want or need and is naturally receptive to consuming information that helps meet their challenges. They might look for ways to build a personal brand, start a business, or live a healthier lifestyle. By understanding what your client’s customer cares about, you can start creating promotional product concepts to meet their needs. As they begin to engage with your concepts and products, you can develop a deeper understanding of how this challenge affects their lives. With this engagement, you also can recognize the engagement patterns of their best customers. Once you have this information, you can begin creating more promotional products that attracts this specific type of customer.

[if !supportLists]- [endif]How do consumers perceive your clients business? Understanding consumer perception is just as important as knowing who they are to begin with. From the first time a consumer engages with your client, there is an impression that is formed, be it positive or negative. By know how your client is perceived in the marketplace will give you a solid starting point to creating promotional product concepts and strategies. Perceptions should not only be categorized as positive or negative. Consumer’s perceptions might be that your client is playful, energetic, bold, out of the box thinkers etc... The promotional products that directly correlate with and reflect your client will have a more impactful impression on the everyday consumer. Remember that promotional products can also help to facilitate a change in perception for your client as well.

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Why just giving away Promotional Products is NOT the answer? Any marketing or branding campaign has two goals, make an impression and acquire consumer engagements. Promotional products are no different. These products offer something that other types of marketing campaigns simply cannot. The advertising message cannot be turned off. Creating promotional products that are useful and relevant increase the overall brand impressions by 92%. Promotional products should not just be given away. Help your client understand that promo products are excellent at incentivizing people to share personal data with their brand. Develop strategies with your client that highlight promotional products that consumers want and will be willing to give your client permission to market to them in the future.

These are just three questions that will help you educate your client on the power and effectiveness of using promotional products. These products are for CONSUMERS. Showing your client that you know their consumers wants and needs is paramount to finding success as a promotional product marketer and or sales professional. It will earn you your clients trust and ultimately their business.

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