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Tradeshow Season is Right Around The Corner; Get Prepared

Imagine I am running through your business screaming “Tradeshow season is coming,” Tradeshow season is coming,” like Paul Revere on his infamous Midnight Ride. Do you have the visual? Good. Now is the time to get your company or organization prepared for the numerous tradeshows you will be attending. The holidays are quickly passing us by which means that in the blink of an eye it will be January and the largest and most innovative tradeshows will be gearing up.

The PPAI, CES, ASI and SAGE shows in Las Vegas and not to mention countless car, boat, wedding and small business shows will be happening in the first quarter of 2016. Recently a blog post by FourHourWorkWeek was written called “How to Dominate Any Tradeshow, and Why Even Solo Entrepreneurs Should Try” which talks about focusing on two major points which are centered around this statement, “People want two things”: To be entertained and FREE stuff. I could not agree more with these two points. Promotional products can accomplish both of these points at a very low cost.

Here are two seriously important tips to keep in mind when it comes to choosing which promotional products and items you will be taking and using at these tradeshows:

  • 92% of people will keep a promotional product if it is USEFUL

  • Choose Promotional items that can be used, re-used and passed on

Now that you know the importance of choosing the correct promotional product for a specific tradeshow, let’s start talking about how to keep people entertained at your booth. After all, getting people to your booth is the most important key at a tradeshow. Think about your current booth space. Is it just a folding table and table cloth? If so your branding and marketing efforts will simply not get noticed at tradeshows. Here are some of the “must have” trade show items (Just to get started):

  • Retractable Banner Stands

  • Table Cloth Full Digital

  • Ultrapop 13ft Graphic Tradeshow Display

  • Promotional Products

After getting people to your booth the next, and often overlooked, step is to give those people your undivided attention. If this means having 4-5 people working your booth at all times, then make it happen. If people are stopping by your creative booth space you can assume they are interested in your brand and products. Pay attention to people and strive to answer every question they have for you.

In 2015, some of the most used promotional products at tradeshows were reusable bags, branded cinch bags, phone stands, Bluetooth speakers, silicone wristbands and power bank chargers for phones, tablets and computers. It is up to your brand to design and create the kind of tradeshow experience you want the attendees to have. Again, people want to be entertained and expect to receive a ton of free products. If you strive to hit hard these two points, you are in for a fun and successful tradeshow season.

These are just a couple ideas on tradeshows but what have you done to make tradeshows awesome?

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