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6 Black Friday Shopping Tips And Tricks for 2015

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 20 years, you know that Black Friday is the day to shop holiday deals and offers. Stores are opening earlier, opening on Thanksgiving and hosting monster deals over the whole weekend, but it is those who leave the house prepared who have the most success.

Now I am not talking about success in the terms that they got what they were looking for or that they found a surprise deal. No I am talking about those who saved the most money and used their time and energy to the max. Here are six Black Friday shopping tips and tricks that, if followed, will create a much better shopping experience:

  • Find the deals before you go: Knowing which retailers are offering what deals, which stores have the product you’re looking for and deciding where to go first ahead of time is an absolute must. Don’t get caught at a store to late and that all their shelves are empty because you went to another store first.

  • Compare prices before walking out the door: I know it is the Wednesday before Black Friday but it would be of great value to take a trip to the stores you want to visit on Friday and ask what they are going to have on sale. Sure, do you’re research online and ask people in the online forums, but to ensure you know the prices ahead of time is guaranteed to help.

  • Take your Ad clippings with you: Don’t be the guy or gal that holds up line because you are tearing out the ads that you want to use, we will all hate you if you do that. Take some time to clip the ads before you go. It saves you time and you will get more shopping done.

  • Earlier bird gets the worm: Take advantage of earlier sales before Black Friday. Most stores are now offering deals 2-3 days in advance of Black Friday. That way you can stay home in your pajamas and eat leftover turkey and cranberry sauce and avoid the long lines and crazy people.

  • Don’t spend time looking for parking: This one might sound odd, so I suggest tag-teaming Black Friday. Bring along a friend that can get out and make the mad dash in the store while the other person finds parking and deals with road rage and the high possibility of fender-benders.

  • The All Mighty Gift Receipt: Being the hustle and bustle that Black Friday is we often forget to ask the nice store clerk to print off a gift receipt and most time the store clerk is so focused on getting you out the door that they forget to ask if you need one. Also get familiar with the stores return policy, trust me on that one.

These are my 6 tips and tricks for shopping on Black Friday. Did I miss any? Leave me a comment below if you have used any different tricks for Black Friday!


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