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Seven Things to Learn from Apple's Marketing

Last week, Apple held their annual event where they unveiled all of their new products. Weeks prior to the announcement, and since it happened, Apple has been a top trending topic. Understandable - they just released new products that have been a year in the making. But even when Apple isn't releasing new products, their marketing keeps them above the curve. Why? Here are seven great marketing tactics Apple uses that all marketers can learn from.

  1. Create experiences. Apple creates experiences that people remember. These experiences keep people fiercely loyal and coming back for more. From their product launch events, to their classy ads, to their clean stores and online shopping experiences, they set the bar high for customer experiences. Use storytelling, add sensory dimensions, and make the experience exciting for your customers.

  2. Keep it simple, straightforward and clean. Apple is the king when it comes to this concept. Their products, website, and advertisements aren't cluttered or busy. They let the product speak for itself.

  3. Appeal to people's emotions. Apple reaches out to people and holds onto them at an emotional level. Their ads show happy people having a great time using their products. The more you appeal to people's emotions, the more likely your products will get shared and be loved.

  4. Product placement. You've seen Apple products on TV shows and in movies, and that's because Apple pays to get their product on the screen. Find an influencer, and give them your product to share on social media. Once their followers see how great it is, you're set.

  5. Use visuals. People tend to like visuals far better than words. Apple has some ads with only 10 words because they know that visuals will be a better way to resonate with their customers. Using images that reach your customers on a deeper emotional level is crucial.

  6. Focus on value, not price. Whatever Apple offers, they make sure the customer feels like it's 100% worth the higher price. Focus on the value of your product, and what sets you apart from the rest of the market, rather than the price.

  7. Develop some mystery around what you are doing. Apple keeps everything they are doing very quiet until their big release events. This turns consumers into crazy fans who want the new product more than anything. Apple even leaks a little info here and there, and they also start some rumors to create speculation and continue the mystery. Most companies tell their customers everything about a new product, but take a page out of Apple's book and create excitement by making everyone speculate.

Apple has a solid, recognizable, clean marketing strategy that has worked for them since their beginnings. Follow these tips, and you'll be well on your way to a great marketing strategy for you and your company.

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