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Four Promo Products for a Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween is just a month away, so now is a great time to order promotional products for the holiday. Halloween is the perfect time for you to have some fun with promo products - don't be afraid to get creative when promoting your company during the holidays.

We've compiled a list of four fun and practical promo products for you to use to promote your brand during Halloween. There are many other great options (like this zombie stress reliever, this fun pumpkin drawstring backpack, this monster hand phone holder, or this pumpkin carving scoop) that you can use for the holiday, but these four products are some of the most popular items for Halloween.

Reusable tote. Probably the most popular item for Halloween, reusable totes are perfect for trick-or-treating, and you have a large amount of options as far as which bag you choose. Go orange or black for the holiday and have fun with the design. After all, kids will be carrying it with them all night, so your brand will be seen by lots of people (and associated with fun, which is always a positive).

Flashlight. It's always important for the safety of kids trick-or-treating to have a light with them. They'll be able to where they are going, others will be able to see them, plus they can sneak peeks at their candy stash throughout the night. One flashlight we love right now is this clip-on flashlight. Not only is it a bright little light, you can also use it like a lantern, and it can be clipped to a jacket, belt loop, backpack, or anything else for easy visibility. Like totes, however, there are many options, so you can find just the right flashlight for you.


Glowstick. Another great idea for Halloween safety, and to get your logo seen by lots of people. Glowsticks provide a light for trick or treaters so they can see, and create high visibility. Pair it with a lanyard so it can hang around their neck, or a carabiner so they can clip it to their goodie bag.


Insulated bottle. It can get really cold on Halloween, and being cold while trick-or-treating is miserable. Carrying a bottle of a tasty warm beverage is a great way to stave off the cold as long as possible so the kids (and adults) can enjoy a full night of fun.

Insulated bottle

There are many options for great products you can have fun with for Halloween, and these four are a great place to start. Putting your brand out on items that will be well-used for this holiday is a smart way to get visibility for you and your company. Happy Halloween!

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