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The Perfect Promotional Products for Travelers

As the holidays approach, people are busy with their holiday travel plans. It's a great time of year for giveaways that people will use while on-the-go. Plus, what better place than an airport to get your brand seen by lots of people. We have the perfect list of promotional products for travelers, with items they'll need every step of their journey.

-Luggage tags are a practical, inexpensive way to get your brand seen. People want to make sure their luggage stands out, and is identifiable just in case. Give them a unique luggage tag they can put their contact information on, hook to their bag, and show off your brand all over the airport.

-People love travel neck pillows, especially for long flights. Give these away and make your brand loyalists happy, and bonus, create tons of brand awareness.

-Power banks can be one of the most useful, and beneficial, giveaways people receive. Since everyone carries items with them that require charging (phones, laptops, tablets, etc), you can't go wrong giving them a power bank they can use to keep their batteries charged. Plus, your logo will be easily visible and in front of lots of people.

-Earbuds are a no-brainer for a travel giveaway. Often people forget their headphones, or need an extra pair, and will want them for the long (or short) travel day ahead of them. Earbuds are a very useful product that people will love.

-Giving away a laundry bag isn't something usually considered, but most people want somewhere to store their dirty clothes on vacation, so why not provide them with a branded bag to keep their clean clothes clean. They will definitely appreciate it.

-Water bottles aren't just handy for those folks traveling this holiday season. They are an item that will definitely be used all year round, and loved by all. Plus, there are thousands of options in all sorts of price ranges, so you can find the exact water bottle you are looking for.

-Folding umbrellas are especially useful if people are traveling somewhere known to be rainy or snowy. But even if they aren't, providing them with a folding umbrella will ensure they understand how much you value them, and will create a ton of positive brand awareness.

Since there is so much traveling happening this time of year, it's the perfect time to keep travelers in mind as you plan your final promotional products for the year. Use this list, and you'll be well on your way to providing items people will use for a long time.

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