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Tips for Surviving Black Friday 2016

Every year, Black Friday gets bigger and bigger, and the sales get better and better. Not only do you have the day after Thanksgiving to shop your heart out, but sales often stretch into the following week (Cyber Monday, etc). Here are some tips for surviving the craziness of this shopping experience.

Plan Ahead. Check out the deals, sales, and specials before you head out on your shopping trip. That way you can figure out how good the Black Friday sales actually are, and can decide if it's worth it to brave the stores, or just shop online sales instead.

Be Social. Social media is one of the very best ways to find out about Black Friday deals. Sometimes there are deals exclusively for social media followers, so make sure to pay attention to your social media feeds to check for specials.

Stick to a Budget. Black Friday deals are meant to pull you in, and then who knows what else you'll want once you're there. Figure out before you start shopping exactly how much money you can spend, and don't spend any more than that. If you aren't good at sticking to a budget, use cash. Cash will keep you restricted to your budget and help you resist other purchases that you didn't plan for.

Check and Compare Prices. Did you see a really great deal at one retailer? Make sure to check out other retailers that sell the same item to make sure you're getting the best deal on the product.

Steer Clear of Expensive Accessories. While you are purchasing items on Black Friday, you'll often get offered accessories and warranties that are way too much money. This is where retailers will get you. Don't give in. If you know you'll need something to go with your new purchase (like a cable or stand), get it in advance so you already have it and won't overpay in the store.

Loyalty Pays Off. Many stores have loyalty programs that offer the best deals to their subscribers and members first. Sign up for loyalty programs with the stores you know you'll be visiting on Black Friday and you'll get first looks at the best deals.

Review Store Policies. Make sure you are aware of store return, exchange, and price-match policies before you make your purchases. This will save you from any post-purchase issues.

However you handle Black Friday, we hope these tips help you enjoy your experience. Happy shopping!

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