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  • Hannah Morgan

Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

A day for you and your staff to feel appreciated. It’s not an official holiday, however, who doesn’t love being told they are appreciated in the workplace? That’s rhetorical. Everyone loves being told they are awesome, stellar, hardworking, even being told thank you goes a long way. This is a special day to remind you to appreciate your coworkers and employees that they are awesome.

(In case that is a necessary reminder)

Moving forward, are you in need of ways to show that you mean what you say? Look no further. Here are some ideas of what you can do this year to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day:

  1. Handout gift cards to a favorite restaurant or place of their choice

  2. Treat your employees to lunch

  3. Stock up your office with treats, and by that, I mean have treats EVERYWHERE

  4. Pass letters around and write a “thank you” (this is not dead)

  5. Design branded merchandise i.e. a water bottle or swag bag

  6. Call in a food truck

*Food seems to be a big hit*

7. Give some allotted time off

8. Invite pets - pending on your type of environment

9. Ask your employees what they'd like to do

All in all. Don’t forget to just say “thanks” to everyone on March 6th, and every work day afterwards. A small gesture goes a long way.


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