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  • Hannah Morgan

On-Trend Products for March

Headed to trade shows this year? Or door to door? Shop these trending promotional products for ultimate brand success and start sharing your brand with customers and employees alike.

All items have been selected to go fast and can have your customized logo.



Camping is awesome but, dirty, and can involve doing your business the organic way. If the thought of this gives you the heebie jeebies then get your clients some sanitizer to pack with them.

Comes in multiple scents and caribiner colors.


Perfect for organizing chargers that get thrown in a backpack or purse, and maybe even worse a drawer. Everyone owns a chord and there will be no more complaints or mumbling under your breath about tangled wires.


These are a good fit for entertaining companies with pets, or pet owners that like to get outdoors. Fits your description? This folds flat and pops out for ease of use not to mention the handy caribiner too. At a total weight of .15 lbs this bowl would be shredded if a large dog got a hold of it. Maybe give this a try and tell us how it goes!


Know anyone in to March Madness? These foam basketballs are perfect for practicing your basket skills or maybe even holding during the hype of the game. Available in all sorts of colors and a great way to get noticed.


Great for getting outside on the weekends and taking your meal with you. I love these packs because of the insulation all the quality of a yeti without the price. And it is not your typical backpack it is a lunch pack!


Many are steering away from plastic. Including you, I'm sure. These fit almost anywhere, even in our lunch pack cooler seen above. Good for camping, or even just in the office for your own personal set. I had an employer hand these out a year ago and I still make use of mine for lunches.


I'll be up front these are not cheap. But if you are feeling extra green this earth month, get your whole team a solar panel. This panel is light weight and folds easily for a small, notebook size, fit. Leave it in the sun and easily charge handheld devices for up to 20 hours.


Keep up with yearly health goals with this awesome waterproof fitness tracker. There is no app or or smart phone required. It can track steps, mileage, and active time. No cheating!


Keep the rain out of your car, and floor all spring long because this umbrella has the coolest open/close technology designed to keep you dry. Keep employees rain risk free by having a stack of these in your office. You may not know the next time you'll wish you had it.

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