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  • Hannah Morgan

Help Us Prevent Plastic Bottle Pollution

Plastic bottle pollution isn't going away in 2020. In fact it's growing worse each year. How bad is it you ask? Pretty bad.


It takes 40 thousand 18-wheeler trucks just to deliver our bottled water each week.

For every 6 bottles people buy, one is recycled.

Americans drink more bottled water than milk or beer each year and bottled water consumption increases by 10 percent each year.

Every single second, one thousand people open a bottle of water in America.

Americans throw away 35 billion empty water bottles each year. Of which, only 12 percent are recycled.

It takes up to one thousand years for each bottle of water to decompose while leaking harmful chemicals at the same time. Which leads to a variety of health issues, including reproductive problems and cancer.


What if we each made an effort to mitigate our use of plastic water bottles by mixing it up with reusable ones. Not just because, well, it's better for our environment. But because it will reduce the chain effect on our oceans marine life, landfill, and finances.


In the North Pacific Ocean there is a massive Garbage Patch. Almost the size of Mexico. It is the largest accumulation of plastic in the world and effects all types of marine life. They swallow, ingest, and become tangled in our plastic waste.


Our landfills are completely overflowing with 2 million tons of our thrown out plastic bottles. And it's not just plastic water bottles, there's several different kinds of bottles that make their way to a landfill. Only to sit for up to ten generations.


Buying a plastic water bottle can set you back at up to $2. Which on average Americans will drink 13 bottles a month. A little math experience for us all, but this adds up quickly and throughout the year can result of up to $360 in expenditures. $350 could be saved with a single $10 purchase of a steel water bottle.

Help us prevent plastic pollution by switching to reusable. Start spreading the word. Share this blog with friends and the next time we think of buying plastic water bottles, first think of the lifespan of our purchase.

For non-profits you can donate to, that support our Earth, click the links below:


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