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  • Hannah Morgan

Let's Celebrate Mother Earth

"The Earth Is What We All Have In Common"

-Wendell Berry

Next month let's celebrate our Mother Earth. By taking smaller carbon footprint steps throughout April we can all do our part to make this world a better place. In order to help you and your team grow closer together after this stream of events and limit your own carbon footprint, BrightPoint Creative has created a list of 10 items that are eco friendly and designed for consumers or employees alike.

Scroll down to see our top product list of recycled, biodegradable, recyclable, and wheat products.

(If you would also like to see our exclusive alternatives to hand sanitizer please click here.)



If you haven't already joined the plastic straw movement. Now is the time. This all wheat straw is easy to put on a keychain and have with you for every soda break.


This Tote, which is made of 80 percent recycled material can carry your computer to and from the office. Great for spreading your brand around the grocery store where more than hundreds shop every day. Especially now.

RECYCLED TEE I haven't seen too many recycled tees in my day, let alone one that's as soft as a cloud. Agreed? This Tee was made out of 100 percent recycled fabric and comes in almost every color of the Earth. Get yours before they're gone.


Every office needs pens. Whether handing them out to customers, employees, or just to have around. These pens are a fun design, made to look like a plastic bottle. Click here to discover what 50 percent of this pen is made of.


New Year activity goals are not dead. With everyone at home or in the office, this towel is a great way to get motivated and outside. Pack it small to dry off after a swim or carry it with you to dab away sweat from a good workout.


Goes without saying. We keep almost all information digitally. But it is always nice to have a journal or notebook nearby, for meetings, jotting down thoughts, and staying organized. This journal, specifically, is washable. Great for those who spill coffee on the weekly or always have a drink on their desk.


I would like to share that many are purchasing plastic water bottles as storage in case of an emergency. However, we have to think about the effect they have on our planet and how we can take steps everyday to refill our water bottles as occasions apply.

To read more about the effect of plastic bottles you can read our recent blog post here.


This sleek wristband is made of 100 percent recycled polyester and is perfect for any event/awareness strategy. The brightside, it can be printed in full color. Get yours to raise awareness of your brand.


He's got five different connectors and he knows how to biodegrade. Count this as something new you learned today - biodegradable charging cables! This fun charging cable is easy to pack in in a case and will bring less chaos to your desk than multiple charging cables.


Now that spring is in full swing, and you're getting outside more to breathe that clean air, make sure to have this Koozie on hand for diet coke's at the park, or drink's at the big game, and even a calm day on back patio. The coolest most marketable part, it's made from post consumer recycled material.

For information on pricing or to see a bonus product, as well as start an order - go online to and select Top 10.

BrightPoint Creative

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