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  • Hannah Morgan

Big brands and how to market yours during Covid-19

What a whirlwind this crisis of Covid-19 has been.

If you are an advertiser and have always had a play book when it comes to responding to crises like these, you may find that your books have become dated. If this is the case, I've put together meaningful ways you can show up for your customers and encourage everyone that we will get through this together.

Chapter I.


During this change, our thoughts have changed and for some, panic has ensued. One-way Cottonelle has stepped up for their customers concerns with the immediate demand for toilet paper, has been to encourage us to have generosity at home and step up for our neighbors through the campaign called #shareasquare.

Chapter II.


This isn't the first crisis for many large companies. Adjusting for Ford is something they've always done in the past 116 years of being in business. Through WWII Ford built military equipment and now in 2020 they have the means to build medical equipment. As well, they have established Ford Credit Support for Ford owners in need.

It's best to adapt to your environment and not vice versa, in what ways do you think your company could adapt towards a solution?

Chapter III.


As the years pass by, technology has become more vital than ever. Television rates have increased more than 45 percent this year, and smart phones allow us to be reached at any point at anytime from anywhere. Not sure how many of us are joyful about this, however it has become easier to stay apart while also getting together online with family and friends.

While staying home can increase stress or anxiety for lots of us - Ikea has opened eyes to the world we have already created in our own homes and how the little things, such as dancing and singing can bring joy to our hearts.

Chapter IV.


Take time to establish your online presence and attract customers in a way they still know you are there for them and miss them.

Some ideas can include:

- Giveaways through Instagram or Facebook.

- Offer free shipping. (Who doesn't enjoy this!)

- Provide thoughtful product inserts in orders.

- Design alternatives for events. (Instagram and Facebook are great with live feed).

Online Strategies

Happy reading advertisers, and always if you need help or ideas. Give us a call, we are here to help you during a time where learning from this crisis is normal and apart of daily life.

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