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  • Hannah Morgan

Hear It From Your Friends

It has been said and I will say it again, everyone loves to receive free swag.

From a business standpoint I feel I am already a supporter for promotional products and the impact they can have in a workplace, local event, or promoting business.

To this day, when I go to a pop-up event, I always get excited over items being given to attendees and make it a goal to show up early and get free swag. I have probably collected over 60 stickers in the past two years that I keep at home in a gallon sized plastic bag. However, when it comes to receiving shirts, bags, and pens that last me forever and get used on the daily I feel appreciated and valued more than when I receive a sticker.

Not only do I collect these items but I use them on the daily. And that's because I love that brands are willing to share their products with me. It gives me a sense of pride that I am a part of their journey.

However don’t just take my word for it, hear it from your friends. Below are three friends who I asked to share their opinions and relationship with promotional products and how they are affected by promotional products in the workplace.

What They've Said About Promotional Products:

1. The first friend I asked works for an up and coming company as a Finance Analyst. She has worked with them for the past two years. In the time I see her, she always has on company apparel. And this is outside of the office mind you. Including beanies, Hydro Flasks, backpacks, Patagonia baby jackets for their one year old boy. You name it, and I think she would have received it.

When asked why she wears company products so often and what they mean to her as an employee she replied,

“It makes us [my co-workers and self-] feel more united and as a team. It is also nice to have a company that cares enough to brand its people.”

2. Another friend just started working at a new company within the last month as a Salesman. Though he has been working from home, because of current events, his office still made sure he was provided with a company branded notebook, water bottle, hat, and shirt. I was blown away at the dedication his company has towards a new team member.

He is not a man of many words, but when asked about how it made him feel he replied,

“[Promotional Products] boost overall team morale.”

3. The last person I reached out to is a friend who is a Vice President of Marketing. She runs many events that entertain over 200 attendees and is constantly handing out free swag and prizes to customers and employees alike.

When asked why she used promotional products and what they did for her employees she replied,

“Our company utilizes branded apparel and other promotional products to encourage positive morale with employees. We have found that ordering higher quality products that are minimally branded encourages employees to wear or use these products outside of the office. Not only does it create brand ambassadors out of our employees but has instilled a better sense of company pride as well.”


From information I've gathered from talking to my friends about promotional products, the foremost message I received from them is that promotional products boost team morale in the workplace.

But don’t just take it from me, take some time and ask your friends!

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