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4 tips to make an effective marketing email campaign

Email campaigns are a popular tool used by companies worldwide to reach out to consumers, usually promoting either themselves or a product. Something to consider though is that on average people receive close to 121 emails per day. That’s a lot that ends up in consumers email boxes so here are four steps that will help your email campaign standout compared to others:

1. Use a comprehensive email builder

Step number one is a simple yet crucial one, and that is deciding which email building program you will use. This is important because using an effective email builder will largely enhance your ability to reach your audience and leave a lasting impression on them. There are lots of programs to choose from, but some of the best are HubSpot, MailChimp, Pabbly, and Constant Contact. Here at Brightpoint, we use MailerLite. MailerLite is great to work through, and they make it easy to create email’s that are simple, effective, and leave an impression. The best part of these email builders is that users don’t need to be wizards with graphic design. It is easy to make an email that caters to your market and that will wow them.

2. Include personalization elements in the copy and use excellent imagery.

Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer here; imagine you receive an email from a company you just purchased a t-shirt from. The title of the email informs you of a big site wide sale, and you then open the email to nothing but just boring old text. What would you do? If you answered that you would continue reading, you’re being quite generous. Consumers want to see graphics and images that are eye catching and make it easy to understand the point of the email. Make sure to do your research on your market and know what they want to see.

3. Add an appropriate call to action (CTA)

The best marketing emails always have a good CTA. Keep your CTA’s simple but powerful. As I mentioned above, the average consumer receives on average 121 emails per day. When you add an appropriate and effective CTA, it will assist in answering this important question; why should I (the consumer in this instance) care? If you can get the consumer to care, that will lead to good things.

4. Make sure it’s designed for all devices

Effective email campaigns are designed for all devices on which consumers can read their emails. This includes Apple, Samsung, Android, and Amazon. The list goes on and on, but it is most important to have your campaigns designed for mobile devices. This is known as “responsive design.” This is becoming more and more important, as 73% of companies today are prioritizing mobile device optimization. Recent studies suggest that 70% of people read their emails through a mobile app. Over 3.9 billion people worldwide use email, so that means roughly 27 million people are checking their emails through a mobile device. That is a massive market, and it’s continuing to grow as well.

Another thing that I would consider as well is to pay attention to what time you are sending out your emails. Do research on your market and try to identify things such as time zone's, demographics, and how they’ve responded to previous campaigns you’ve sent. If you do your research and follow these 4 tips, your marketing campaigns are sure to be a hit! Be sure to follow us, @BrightPointCreative, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Remember, choose BrightPoint Creative for all your branded merchandise and promotional products! Image courtesy of Brooke Cagle.

This blog was inspired by an article written by Lindsay Kolowich, check out her article here!

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