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6 Ways to Celebrate National Nurses Week

If there is a group of people that definitely deserve to be celebrated after the year 2020 it’s nurses! After a crazy year of combating COVID and now administering the vaccine at a rapid pace, nurses could use a little TLC. May 6th is the start of National Nurse’s week and culminates on May 12th, international nurses day.

National Nurse’s Week is the time when we rally around nurses and shine a spotlight on the incredible ways they help others. Nurses are often the first person a patient sees when entering and the last person they see before they leave- nurses are pretty important! This blog post is dedicated to showcasing ideas on how to celebrate the nurse’s in your life. Here are 6 unique ways to show nurses your appreciation during National Nurse’s Week.

  1. Highlight nurses on social media- Each nurse has a story behind why they do what they do. Showcase a specific success story of them or highlight why they’re important to you. Make sure to be sincere and authentic and invite others to engage with the post on social media- share the virtual love!

  2. Write personal notes- Social media not really your thing? Go the old-fashioned route and thank your nurse with a handwritten card or note. These little gestures go a long way!

  3. Host an off-site event- Give your nurses a break from the office and host a party/ event that’s not at the hospital or doctor’s office! Consider creating a team-building event that takes place at a ropes course or maybe an escape room. Fun events like these are great for helping nurses unwind from the stress of the job.

  4. Bring in a masseuse- Nurses are constantly on the move. Bring in a masseuse or a massage chair to help them relax and decompress.

  5. Give them a gift- Let’s be honest: everyone loves to receive presents. Gift them something as simple as a gift card or more elaborate, like an engraved stethoscope. Either way, your nurse will certainly appreciate the gift. For more National Nurse’s Week gift ideas check out our Pinterest page and website.

  6. Have an awards ceremony- Feel free to make this as funny or serious as you like! Create awards that are sincere and will help your nurses to feel appreciative.

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Nurse’s week what’s important is that you actually celebrate it! These are just 6 ways to help celebrate nurse’s but we want to hear your ideas as well! Comment or tag us on social media sharing how you’re celebrating National Nurse’s Week.

We love this video created for Nurses Week 2020 by Maxim Healthcare and want to thank the nurses who help others today and every day!

*This article was inspired by a post from MedPro to read their article click the link: 10 Ways to Celebrate National Nurses Day.

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