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  • Sarah Lindsey

7 Traits of Great Employees

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What does it mean to be a good employee? The answer to this question varies for each person that is asked but one thing that is always consistent is the knowledge that companies and employers want and retain good employees. So what traits or characteristics comprise that of a good employee? While specific traits differ from industry to industry there are a few different qualities that, regardless of industry, take an employee from mediocre to great.

  • Integrity- this trait goes far beyond that of just honesty and goes into having strong morals. When things get tricky at a workplace it’s important to have an honest employee who will uphold their moral values, even when the going gets tough.

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  • Professionalism- An employee who strives to represent the best of a company (polite, well-spoken, and presentable) at all times is an employee who stays in demand.

  • Dependable- However you say it: reliable, dependable, responsible- this characteristic is a major part of becoming a highly valued employee. These employees are the type who always do what they say they will.

  • Teamwork- You know that old saying “there is no I in team?” that sums up the attitude of a great employee! Good employees have the ability to work cohesively with those around them, they unite in the common goal and work well with others to achieve it.

  • Dedicated- This characteristic is present in all hard-working individuals. Dedicated employees are passionate, positive, and driven when it comes to being committed to their work.

  • Positive- A positive attitude has a positive impact. No one enjoys working with a Debbie Downer.

  • Problem-solver- Problems and obstacles are an almost unavoidable fact of life. A good trait for employees and job-seekers to adopt is that of flexibility. Being flexible when it comes to handling these obstacles results in being able to work the problem till it’s solved.

While this list of traits is not a comprehensive one, these 7 traits will help you in your journey to becoming a better employee. No matter your job title or role within a company developing these traits will help you to become a valued asset to your team.

*This post was inspired by an article from GetSmarter. You can find their article and read it here.

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