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  • Sarah Lindsey

9 Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Employees are the foundation of a solid company, the right employee can make all the difference and we’ve all heard it been said that employees are a company’s greatest asset. Jim Goodnight, CEO of the SAS Institute, once said “Treat employees like they make a difference and they will.” Recognizing and appreciating your employees creates a motivating workplace experience but it can be hard to think of ways to show your employees you care. That’s why we created this list of 9 ways to celebrate your employees on Employee Appreciation Day or any other day of the year!

1. Create a care package for your employees: Whether your employees are working in the office or remotely everyone can always use a care package! Consider filling it with cozy socks, company apparel, or check out these awesome ready-to-go kits.

2. Shout them out on social media: Taking the time to recognize someone on social media goes a long way. Share a great picture of them on the company's social media and sing their praises to the world! Not only does this show your employee that they are a valued team member, but it will also boost employee engagement on your company's social media channels.

3. Host a DIY award show: If you have ever seen the TV show The Office you can consider this DIY award show your company’s version of the Dundies. Plan a virtual or in-person event where you can showcase all your employees. Employee recognition awards show your employees that you notice their actions and that you are grateful for them. Make your awards specific and genuine. An added plus is that your employees will love the fun atmosphere of an awards show.

4. Gift corporate apparel: According to the PPAI, branded apparel was the #1 promotional product of 2021. Whether you're gifting out polos for a business casual day at the office or athletic wear for the weekends your employees will be showcasing your brand in style.

5. Host a virtual event: Welcome to the virtual era. Virtual game nights, happy hours, or team-building events build company unity and provide a social outlet for your employees. Check out sites like Outback for preplanned remote team activities.

6. Surprise your employees with a day off or by letting them leave early. The work-life balance is essential to preventing employees from experiencing burnout. Offer this time off as a way for your employees to spend time with loved ones or just experience some deserved downtime. After this bonus time off your employees will come back rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next project.

7. Treat your employees to a meal: Consider catering lunch in the office or, if your employees are remote, offer a gift card to a restaurant of their choice. Nothing says appreciation like free food.

8. Gift your employee's wireless headphones: Headphones are quickly becoming an office essential. From taking Zoom calls and connecting with customers to listening to their favorite podcast or music your employee will actually use this gift! Check out branded wireless headphones here.

9. Create a tribute video: You can call this a video a thank you card. Ask management to create a thoughtful video expressing appreciation for all your employees do. Sometimes a simple Thank You is the best way to show genuine appreciation.

Your employees do a lot for you and this is the perfect time to show that their efforts don’t go unnoticed! Need help creating these ideas? We’ve got you covered! Visit our website here. Make sure to mark your calendars for March 5th and share with us how you are celebrating Employee Appreciation Day!

*This post was inspired by articles from Morgan Chaney and Ashley Bell. Check out their respective articles here: National Employee Appreciation Day: 8 Fresh Ideas for Celebrating Your Team and 27 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas & Gifts For March 5th 2021 (And Every Other Day)

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