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  • Sarah Lindsey

A Beginners Guide to Successfully Onboarding Remote Employees

It’s no secret that remote working is on the rise. According to a survey from Upwork

1 in 4 Americans plan on working remotely in 2021. With remote working becoming the new normal, companies must adapt and evolve along with their employees. This includes the hiring and onboarding process.

This guide is to help you find a remote worker onboarding process that works for you! Here are seven strategies to help you successfully onboard remote workers.

  1. Offer a New Hire Manual: An onboarding manual is a perfect way to provide answers to some common questions, offer instruction about internal processes, and give a detailed job description. These manuals will help the new hire transition with ease.

  2. Communicate Regularly: The first 3 weeks will set the tone of an employee's experience with your company, make sure they feel valued through consistent communication.

  3. Create an Onboarding Schedule: Create a two-week plan that allows time for setting goals, training, check-ins, and down-time. This schedule is a great place to set clear objectives for new employees.

  4. Communicate Digitally: Digital communications tools will be vital to the success of onboarding a remote worker so become an expert in communicating via digital channels. Find a digital platform that works best for your team and consider offering training on the platform for all new hires.

  5. Provide Digital Docs: Manuals, guides, employee forms, and other essential files should be placed in an easily accessible digital format.

  6. Create a Space for Socialization: Remote workers are still a part of your team! Make remote workers feel that way by giving them a space to meet and socialize with other team members. Virtual team luncheons are a great way of doing this. Another great way to help your new hire to feel apart of the team is with company apparel.

  7. Offer Work-From-Home Solutions: Working from home can be hard! Provide work from home tips or other items such as company branded flash drives, power banks, pens, or water bottles to organize their remote working space.

Statistics show that companies with an effective onboarding process achieve 2.5 times more revenue growth than organizations with inefficient onboarding strategies. These 7 strategies will help you to create an onboarding process that works for your organization.

*This article was inspired by an article written by Christopher Ruvo, read his article here:

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