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Carry-On Essentials

Summer may be drawing to a close and school or work may be looming in the near future but there is still time for a few last summer getaways! If your destination requires extensive travel that could mean a few (or many) hours on a plane. For those that love flying this is easy breezy but if you dread the hours spent in the sky, here are a few things that will make it a less stressful experience.

The key to a painless air experience begins with your carry-on. Not only does a well-packed carry-on mean a faster trip through airport security but it also means a more comfortable flight. So what are the essentials you should be taking in this all-important bag? Here are 8 items to have with you on every flight.

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  • Water bottle- Travelling always seems to leave me dehydrated… so the thought of being trapped on a plane and only having the option of water in a small cup every so often leaves me stressing. Custom water bottles are ideal for traveling! Not only are they environmentally conscious (goodbye single-use plastics) but they are also great for taking with you anywhere during your vacation. Check out some of our favorite water bottles here. (Quick PSA: most airports will not allow you to take your water bottle full through security so bring it up and fill it up at a water station).

Contigo Water Bottles
Photo from ETS Express
  • A GOOD travel pillow. A good travel pillow is worth the investment, especially if you are taking a red-eye flight! This AeroLoft travel pillow is one of our favorites because it folds up into an easy carrying pouch and is super comfortable for taking an in-flight nap. Plus it includes an eye mask which will be easier to block out any unwanted light.

  • Travel Blanket- Planes can be cold! A compact travel blanket will make the flying experience way more comfortable. Like this one here, blankets that fold into small pouches are a practical solution for bringing along a blanket.

  • Noise-canceling headphones- These are a must-have for blocking out noisy fellow passengers, screaming children, or just the general sounds that come from traveling. An audiobook, movie, music, or TV show will help you to pass the time and these wireless headphones are comfortable enough to use for hours at a time.

Dripz™ Waterproof Earbuds
Photo from OrigAudio
  • Emergency toiletries- Having a few hygiene essentials will give you peace of mind and be a real lifesaver should your luggage get lost. Make sure to get a toiletry kit that’s TSA-friendly.

  • PPE Kit- All airports and airlines currently require a face mask while traveling. This kit has all the PPE necessities for flying. Hand sanitizer, masks, and wet wipes (that tray table is dirty!) will keep the germs at bay while you’re on the go.

  • Travel adapter- Travelling internationally? You will need this! This adapter is perfect for going anywhere because it has an adapter for everywhere! Charge up to 4 devices at once and be protected from surges. Don’t forget this 3 in 1 charger that has charging cords for all your devices in 1 convenient place.

  • A spare change of clothes- Lost luggage is a major inconvenience but you can ease the stress a little if you have at least one extra outfit! Clean clothes make all the difference when arriving in a new place so this added outfit will bring an extra measure of peace of mind.

Don’t be afraid to customize this list according to what works best for you! What are your carry-on must-haves? To start your order on any of the above items make sure to Contact Us.

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