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  • Sarah Lindsey

Celebrating World Health Day in Your Organization

Each year on April 7 World Health Day is celebrated. Since its inception in 1950, each year has been focused on certain themes that highlight important areas of global health. After the crazy year of 2020 and all of its health implications that have continued throughout the new year, the 2021 theme of World Health Day is: Building a fairer, healthier world for everyone. In this post, we’re sharing 8 tips for building a healthier world that your organization can start today!

  • Establish a company wellness program: While this can seem like an overwhelming task it can be pretty simple! Start by choosing a goal, such as stress reduction or nutrition education clinics. After that create an in-house committee and invite them to plan events around the wellness programs. Not only does this show you care about your employees/ team but it will help reduce sick days and injuries which leads to a more productive team.

  • Create a company cookbook: Ask for your employees to share their favorite healthy recipes on either social media or in a document. Once you’ve compiled all the recipes share them with your team and invite them to try out the new recipes. This is a great way to boost team engagement as well.

  • Start a health initiative: This one has similar origins to number 1 but is a great way to boost interaction amongst your team. Create a challenge and invite the team to participate. The challenge could be anything from a steps challenge (where employees compete in who can get the most steps in one week) to a company hike. The most important part of creating the challenge is to review it after to see how employees reacted; if it was a success keep trying new challenges! If it was stressful for your team then consider one of the other options on this list. Check out these products to help with your initiatives- pedometer, fitness tracker, custom socks.

  • Lunch and learn: Provide your team with a healthy lunch as they learn more about company services available to them. Other ideas include offering a fitness class or bringing in a healthy food truck.

  • Provide a wellness kit: With many teams still working remotely, a wellness kit is a great way to show that their health is important to you. Consider placing items like company-branded activewear, water bottles, hand sanitizers, yoga mats, or resistance bands in the kit and make sure to add a Thank You note.

  • Health Screenings: Offer a day when certified health professionals will be available on-site to give physicals to your employees. This should be a completely optional activity but is a great way to ensure that your team knows that health is a top priority.

  • Offer some much-needed R&R: Your team works hard, surprise them with a staff appreciation day where they can get off of work a little early or even take the day off. Sometimes celebrating for no reason is the best way you can show them you care.

  • Break Room: Your break room should be a place where your team feels they can relax for a minute and recharge. Offer healthy snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep the space clean and invite with aesthetically pleasing décor- a little effort in the breakroom goes a long way!

Celebrating World Health Day should only be the beginning of showing your employees or team that their health is valued. Recent studies have found that the more healthy habits are emphasized for your employees the more successful your team will be. These ideas can help build a healthier culture in your company and will help your employees be healthier- a real win-win. While this list only has a few ideas the options for building a healthier world at your company are endless!

*This post was inspired by articles from the World Health Organization, Kamila Palka, and Sam Campbell. To read their respective articles check them out at these links: World Health Day, How to Celebrate World Health Day at Work: Activities for Your Office, and 37 Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Staff Will Love.

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