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Prepping for Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Take a quick glance at the room or space around you; odds are that you will find many of the items were delivered via trucks. An oft unsung hero of the COVID 19 pandemic and subsequent shutdowns is the professional truck driver. Everything from food and clothes to medicine makes its way to your grocery store or home through these men and women and it’s almost time to celebrate them! National Truck Driver Appreciation Week takes place this year September 12-18. During this week make sure to take some time to thank a truck driver for all that they continuously do to keep America running. Not sure how to thank drivers? Here are 3 simple ways to say thanks:

Gift the driver in your life a little bit of peace of mind with the Glory Auto Emergency Kit. This kit includes all the essentials needed for making quick, roadside repairs. Other great items to include with this gift are an emergency auto light and a road rescue kit.

Truck drivers spend long hours on the road and often don't have the ability to stop for food for very long. Get them a personal cooler that is perfect for keeping quick snacks and drinks cold thanks to insulated seams. We love these personal coolers from Carhartt and Eddie Bauer. Contact us to start your order.

Durable clothing is a must-have for all truck drivers! Brands like Carhartt, Eddie Bauer, and the North Face are perfect for choosing clothing items that hold up for years to come! See our favorite items from each brand below:

Some of our other favorite items for gifting during this week are neck gaiters, utility bags, and custom water bottles. For even more ideas make sure to check out our Pinterest page. No matter what type of gift you choose to give one of the best ways to show appreciation is by saying thank you! From all of us at BrightPoint Creative we want to say a big thank you to all of the amazing men and women who help us out by transporting all of the resources we use on a daily basis.

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