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Promo Products Every Mom Will Love

Photo by <a href="">Sai De Silva</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

May means it’s time to celebrate all the Mothers who basically make the world go round, and with Mother’s Day on May 9th now is the perfect time to order Mom’s personalized gift. Whether you’re shopping for Mothers at your workplace, customers, or your Mother or Grandmother you can consider this post the Mother’s Day gift guide for promotional products that everyone will love! Here are 10 unique products that the Mom in your life will ACTUALLY use.

If your Mom loves to nurture her garden as much as she loves to nurture you then this gardening kit is perfect! Each kit features a spray bottle, broad and narrow trowel, a 3-prong cultivator, locking crescent blade pruner, a leaf and flower trimmer and it’s all wrapped up in a functional water-proof tote! Throw in some personalized garden gloves and flower seeds and she’s fully prepped to garden all Summer long.

Moms are innovative, and so is this mug! Since moms always seem to be one step ahead of the rest of us give her a mug that can keep up. This ETS mug comes in amazing matte finishes and has a silicone sleeve for secure gripping. The best part of all? It has no handle! This means it's easy to carry anywhere and it’s super durable. Customize one for all of the mother figures in your life and watch it become their favorite drinkware.

This microfleece robe is amazingly soft (like never want to take it off soft). Gift Mom a cozy robe that is perfect for a day spent pampering herself at the spa or at home. Throw in a set of these plush slippers to complete the look.

If your mom isn’t the type to want to go to a spa then bring the spa to her with a Spa in the box. Fill it with pumice stones, a soft towel, massaging brush, a hairbrush, a loofah, and a bath sponge. We love this set here.

Remember those Mother’s Day art projects from when you were little? The kind that would say World’s Best Mom on them? Throw it back to those days but upgrade it into a real trophy! A World’s Best Mom trophy is a fun way to show your mom some appreciation while also making her laugh.

If you’re planning on giving a few Mother’s Day gifts, this candle is a perfect option for everyone! Made with essential oils and soy wax this candle burns cleaner and lasts longer than a typical paraffin wax candle. Choose from a variety of scents and add your logo for a custom touch.

Staying healthy has become even more important since the start of COVID-19. Gift your mom or the mothers at your workplace a Health Kit. This kit can have essentials like hand sanitizer, masks, first aid kits, and even a thermometer. A gift like this will show just how much you care!

“You never call me anymore!” How many of us have heard our mom’s or a mom say that very phrase? If your mom has said this then gift her a new phone case, pop socket, and a charger along with a promise to call a little more often.

With all the gifts mothers are going to be receiving on May 9th give them a way to take them all home, in a logoized tote. This is a great way for any organization to showcase its brand while showing mothers the appreciation they deserve.

Sometimes the simplest way to show your mom you care is with a good old-fashioned Thank You note. Take some time to express your gratitude for all that they do for you. If you’re a brand looking to say Thank You to moms, consider making a thank you video to moms everywhere. Then you can share it on your social media as well as send it out to them.

This list is just the beginning of promotional products for mothers everywhere. If you have an idea that you didn’t see on this list, reach out to us and we will help you make it happen. No matter how you say Thank You the mothers in your life will appreciate the effort shown to make them feel important on their special day!

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