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  • Sarah Lindsey

Promo Products: The New Way to Cold Call

New Cold Calling Techniques

Let’s be honest: sales prospecting can feel a little bit like prospecting for gold sometimes. Lot’s of potential with little result but when you strike gold it’s all worth it. This blog post is aimed at helping you add a sales prospecting technique that will help you refine your strategy and ideally help you start a metaphorical gold rush of prospective clients for your organization.

According to the Counselor State of the Industry report, 27% of distributors say cold calling remains an important source for new business. So is cold calling dead? No! Effective cold calling techniques just need to look different today. Today’s business world is unique and that requires a unique sales pitch. A great way of introducing your brand that is intriguing and fun is through promotional products.

Consider this cheese grater business card from a cheese store in Brazil. It’s a great representation of their brand and also provides utility to the recipient- every time they use it to grate cheese they will think of the company who gave it to them.

Business cards aren’t the only way to creatively leverage promo products. Another great option is to create small swag bags with specific brand items and send them out to potential clients. This approach requires research on what items will be of most value to the consumer but provides a great way to introduce yourself and your brand. Before mailing them out, reach out to the client and explain that you have something you’re sending them and want to confirm the address. This opens a dialog between you and the customer and creates anticipation for your products to arrive.

The right promotional product can introduce your brand far more effectively than any other sales prospecting approach could. A useful promotional product that has the possibility of being placed in a client’s home or office provides your brand daily advertising and forms the foundations of the brand for your client.

Charity Gibson, a national account coordinator at Peerless, said “As industry professionals, we profess that promotional products are the number one way to get in front of new clients and keep existing clients”. If you are unsure about how to begin advertising to new clients using promotional products, we suggest selecting 10 potential customers you’d love to work with and start there. For ideas on selecting promo products check out these articles from our site: Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Order Promo Products and On-Trend Products.

*This article was inspired by articles by C.J. Mittica, Charity Gibson, and Tom Martin. Check out each of their articles here: How to Cold Call with Purpose Sales Prospecting Promotional Products: The Trojan Horse of Sales Prospecting

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