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Road Trip Essentials

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and with that, it means it’s time to enjoy a 3-day weekend! With things beginning to reopen many people are looking forward to starting to travel again, and this weekend is the perfect time to begin; after all, nothing says a 3-day weekend quite like a road trip! (Side note and fun fact: did you know that May 28th is National road trip day?) If you’re planning to go on a road trip these are the absolute essentials to have with you to make your road trip a success.

The Basics

These are the things that are pretty obvious to have with you but are crucial to a smooth road trip.

  • License and registration: You probably already have these with you whenever you drive but make sure to double-check you have them before hitting the road.

  • A copy of your car insurance policy and any emergency numbers you might need.

  • A user manual for your car, this is a must-have for reading up on any indicators or lights that pop up on your journey.

  • Spare tire and car jack- Another essential… here’s hoping you won’t have to use it!

  • Emergency Kit- A kit like this should contain jumper cables, reflective lights, a first-aid kit, a jacket, and a flashlight. The Crossroad Emergency Road Kit is our favorite.

A car travels down a scenic road
Photo by Rutger Leistra from Unsplash

The Tech

Because keeping connected is important!

  • Phone charger and other connecting cords. A portable charger is a great thing to have on hand. We love this 3-in-1 built-in cable because it has two different charging cords all contained in one convenient battery pack.

  • Portable speaker- Whether you’re in a car with spotty radio service or setting up a campsite a portable speaker (like the one below from Origaudio) is great for cranking some tunes.

  • Camera- From Instax and disposable cameras to mini drones and waterproof cameras we’ve got you covered! Documenting your road trip is essential for helping you to remember it years down the line.

  • Paper or downloaded maps. If you’re off the beaten road wifi can be hard to come by. Be prepped for any event with paper maps or use an app like which allows you to download free, detailed maps.

The Entertainment

Come prepped with fun activities to help pass through any long stretches in your drive.

  • Fully charged device with downloaded movies or tv shows (again wifi can be tricky on road trips so it’s better to work with downloads).

  • Bluetooth headphones- sometimes you need your space from other passengers when road tripping. These headphones are perfect for helping you take some me time and relax while watching a show or listening to some music.

  • A playlist of your favorite music or podcasts.

  • Travel games- dollar stores or dollar sections are a great place to find family-friendly car games.

The Small Stuff

Essentials like the ones below will help you make your trip more comfortable and, in the end, the small stuff is what makes the journey more pleasant.

  • Travel pillow and blanket- Taking a nap in a car is not always comfortable but with these two things, it becomes A LOT better.

  • Reusable water bottle- Staying hydrated is super important and reusable water bottles are much better for the environment. Come prepped with a few extras in case of emergency.

  • Hand sanitizer- In the age of COVID, carrying hand sanitizer has become almost second nature. A road trip should be no different! Stock up on hand sanitizers here.

  • Sunglasses- Say goodbye to glare with a good pair of sunglasses like these.

  • Quick-dry towels and flip-flops- If swimming comes up in any of your plans then these are two must-haves.

Road Tripper snack kit from Batch and Bodega
  • Reusable totes- Make stowing all of the above items easier with totes like these. You’ll thank us later when your car doesn’t have a million things rolling around in it.

  • Snacks! Don’t let yourself or any passengers get hangry. Snack kits will keep everyone happy as you are on the road. These snack kits from Batch and Bodega come with curated snacks and are perfect for taking on the road. If you plan on carrying anything you want to keep cold, these car coolers are compact and won’t take up too much trunk space.

  • A weekend kit- kits like these have all the right equipment for a 3-day road trip. From a backpack that's perfect for stowing everything to all your tech needs, the weekender kit has got you prepped for the road.

Road tripping (hopefully) just became a little easier with this packing guide. What are your favorite things to have with you on a road trip? Let us know in the comments below. As always, feel free to contact us with any ideas or requests for your next project!

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